The pillow is not merely a buddy of your sleep. It can do more than that. Why? Don’t you know that a little pillow can reveal your inner personality? Sound surprising but it’s true, guys!

Be stylish even when you are falling asleep? Yes! With these unique-shaped pillows, this will no longer in your wildest dream. It’s high time to breathe a new life to your style and your pillow will assist you to fulfill this task.

Keep scrolling down and you will realize that the pillow shape speaks louder than you think!

Unique Pillow Shape- Unique You!

The pillow market today is diverse in types, styles and models. Please be assured that there is no shortage of "unique" pillows that fit your personality for you to choose from. Let's drop by and see some unique pillows like that.

Ostrich Pillow

Have you ever heard of an Ostrich Pillow?

A curious name, right? People also call it with the funny name: a weird pillow. This pillow is shaped like a round rim that fits around the head so that it can act as a warm "mask" for users to comfortably wake up fully in public or office. You can cover your face and even put your hands inside.

Ostrich Pillow

This unique pillow is filled with silicon-covered foam particles. This material makes little noise when rubbed against each other and gives the pillow the necessary tension.

Ostrich pillow contains an elastic inner ring that allows the user with different head sizes to use it comfortably, helping to isolate our heads from the noise of the surrounding space.

Airy, quiet, and comfortable- these are the adjectives you can use to describe this little “ Ostrich”.  Hey! Napping is very important! Own an ostrich pillow and no need to worry about the eyes of colleagues around.

Just take a nap!

Seal Pillow

You are a bit childish? You like lovely things? Then the Seal pillow was born to be yours. This pillow with the shape of 'a fat seal' is storming on the Internet because of the stout and cute shape it has.

This fat seal pillow is characterized by extremely smooth and fluffy fur creature, with the same design as the famous spotted seal in the North Pacific. You can find the whole family of fat seals from a couple of big seals to small seals that are extremely cute.

With a fat and chubby body with a smile on his face, this pillow will make your sleep deeper than ever.

Seal Pillow

Hideout Travel Pillow

Be honest! Do you often fall into a state of lack of sleep or fell tired of long-distance travel by means of plane, bus, train or car? Almost everyone is like that! No one can have a good night's sleep in such rough, uncomfortable chairs.

Understanding this problem, a convenient travel pillow Hideout has just been launched to fix all the aforementioned cons. As a powerful assistant, Hideout is designed in a U-shape to keep your neck and head comfortable in all positions, making it easy for you to fall asleep quickly on any vehicle.

Hideout Travel Pillow

In addition, Hideout travel pillow will help you to be more alert after each trip without worrying about pain or motion sickness. Wanna use this pillow? What you need is just simply “ play an inflating game”.

Hideout is equipped with an outer layer of high-quality cotton thread, helping you feel comfortable to use without worrying about being scratched by hard cloth material like other conventional products. Inside is an extremely soft memory foam core, so you can easily fold the pillow or wrap it in a small bag.

Now your trip will become more interesting than ever. Just enjoy and no worring around!

Monpère Travel Pillow

You can’t agree more that traveling without a boyfriend or girlfriend is such a disadvantage. Sad, lonely, aching neck pain? Forget these feelings because MonPère will make up for you right away.

With a very unique feature that the two ends are shaped exactly like the arms of the person hugging us while sleeping, this pillow is also made up of a hard frame - just flexible enough for you to adjust.

Sleeping while being hugged? Sound great!

Monpère Travel Pillow

Alarm Pillows

“ Oh no! It’s almost 9 a.m, I am late for school!”

Such a nightmare? Well, that nightmare will no longer exist when you own an alarm pillow.

Instead of the cluttered noises of the alarm clock bell or the music being too strong from your phone, the alarm pillow gently wakes you with vibrations that help you wake up comfortably without forced.

Alarm Pillows

How to set this "alarm clock"? Very simple! Just press the buttons and control the screen next to the pillow and you can set the timer easily. Cotton and soft pillow materials help you sleep well without neck or shoulder pain.

Useful tips for protecting your “ unique friend”.

Those pillows are unique in terms of shape and function, but it doesn’t mean that they have superpower! To keep them brand new and safe, you need to “protect” them day by day. Let’s take a look at some useful tips below for a perfect protection.

Check the elasticity of the pillow after a period of use

You should change the pillow after a period of use if your pillow is no longer able to support it. The test is to place the pillow on a hard surface, fold the pillow in half and apply pressure to compress the air inside the pillow. Release the hand, if the pillow is still in its original shape, it will still be used quite well, but if it's deformed then it's time to renew!

Wash your pillow regularly

Cleaning those unique pillows for safer experiences. But also pay attention because if you expose your pillow to the sun, it will make the pillow easy to fade. When washing and drying, you should store pillows in a dry place to avoid damp mold.

Carefully read the instructions for use and storage

 Some pillows with unique shape have exclusibve instructions. So, don’t forget to read them carefully. Simple action like this can also do wonders for your unique pillows.

Wrapping Up

We believe that after reading this article, you will realize that pillow shape has a great power. Unique-shaped pillows can perfectly depict your lifestyle and highlight your personality. Buy one that best suit you and you will become more stylist even when sleeping.

Try them!

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