Demand for Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV) is increasing at a rapid pace as the economy is limping back to normalcy. More and more businesses are getting increased orders for goods delivery and consequently they are requiring large goods vehicles to deliver the products to distant destinations. This increased demand for LGVs have given rise to trained and expert HGV drivers.

However, HGV driving is not a cake walk and it needs specialised training. You can hit the road with the HGV after you pass the test and get a specialised license to drive Heavy Goods Vehicles. There are four types of HGV driving licenses and they are Category C1, Category C1+E, Category C and Category C+E.

HGV Driver Training, Various Courses and More
There are many people who drive HGV trucks not only drive nationally but also internationally. It has been observed that many people prefer driving one unit vehicles, which are known by the name Rigid Truck. However, still many drivers prefer driving Artic trucks. Both of these truck types come under the category of HGV trucks but a driver needs separate licenses to drive these vehicles. In order to drive a Rigid HGV truck, a driver needs category C license. However, in case of Artic truck driving, category C+E license is required.

Drivers, who have both C as well as E licenses, have more career options than the one who has only C license. This is where HGV driver training is required. The professional trainers not only give practical training but also help the drivers in getting a plum HGV driving job. Demand for HGV drivers is so huge that many transport companies not only hire seasoned drivers but also newly licensed ones. This should also be noted that every driver, seasoned or newly licensed, is evaluated so that safe driving on the roads is maintained.

The HGV truck driver institute will also provide its trainee driver with free job finder service. Once you pass the HGV driver training program of a reputed Truck driver training institute, the responsibility of placing you in a full time job in UK is their responsibility.

Services offered by HGV Driver UK:

Training - 1st Class Trucking provides training to drivers who want to pursue HGV driving as a career option. Many consider that HGV trucking is not a good job. However, reality says something else. In fact, a driver can earn more than £550 on a weekly basis, which tantamount to over £30,000 in a year. Thus, HGV trucking is a very lucrative career option. Get high quality training for HGV trucking, pass the test and obtain a HGV license to drive the huge automobile for carrying goods.

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Sports Truck – If you fancy about monstrous sports cars then you can get it done in your own way from HGV Driver UK. Get what you fancy.

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