Many researchers have reiterated the fact that rhyming is the best way for children to learn things quickly. This is primarily because the rhymes for kids are equipped with many rhyming words carefully woven together in an entertaining sequence, which kids may like. It is easy for them to rhyme the sequences like 'tall, ball, and small’ and so on. This will give them an ideal head start to learning words and reading.

Kids mostly enjoy listening to rhymes and participate in rhyming activities. Children also seem to pick it up

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while listening to rhymes naturally. However, if you find your child haven't started rhyming or enjoying it, then here are a few things which you can try to get them in.

Different stages of developing rhyming abilities

Children don't start to rhyme all on their own. Rhyming skills actually develop through three different stages. You should understand these stages based on various levels of its hardness.

1. Recognizing rhymes

This is the primary skills children need to master at the first point before starting to sing rhymes. For this,

• You may try to expose them to Rhyme Songs with picture books featuring rhymes.
• Make use of rhyming games to capture their attention.
• As you reach through picture books, point the rhyming words.
• You can use rhyming games like 'What's in My Bag?’ or 'Dinner Time' etc.

2. Get them participating

Once you notice they are capturing the rhyming words and start to reproduce the sounds, you may try to get them more engaged in it by teaching actions associates with rhyme. Actions are ideally used as a learning activity for the little kids.

3. Download rhyming videos

At the advanced stage of rhyming, you may try to download some rhyme videos and activity videos which children may be more interested. Provided the visual experience, they become more attentive to it and tend to learn things faster. If possible, try to get the entire family involved in playing rhyming games with little kids. This experience will not only provide giggle to the kids but enjoyable for the parents and others too.

Rhyming is very important skill kids need to gain to sharpen their pre-reading skills. Along with books and reading rhymes to them, you could effectively use YouTube videos too to make rhymes more enjoyable and engaging to kids. Rhyming video makers also now include many hands-on activities, which helps the pre-reading stage kids to get an understanding of the concept of what they are going to learn next through rhyming videos.

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In fact, all these don't happen overnight, but it takes its own course of time for each stage of this rhyming adaptation to little kids. Some may tend to pick it up faster and much easier with a natural taste for it. Some other kids may take more time to get into rhyming practices or may tend to show lesser interest in it. In any case, it is the involvement of parents and preschool trainers to help them get into the track with rhymes.

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