A well-designed office with attractive furniture not only exudes style and functionality but also class. It makes your work enjoyable and also helps the space to look professional when clients and customers visit. That is the reason most architects and interior designers use decorative laminates in various colors, designs and patterns. Also, these laminates are highly functional and attractive surface solution for all offices.

If you are looking to amp up your office space or remodel your office then laminates are the ideal pick for you. Here are some unique ways to use them.


These laminates were created for high traffic areas in the office, like reception areas, conference rooms, meeting rooms and desks where there is a high probability of fingerprint marks being left. Anti-fingerprint laminates are technologically evolved and are easy to clean and maintain, they don’t allow anyone to leave fingerprints on their surface and owing to their anti-viral properties, they make your space safe and hygienic. These laminates are sophisticated and provide clean-looking designs that can go with your office décor. You can use these laminates to keep your office looking clean and chic, always.


Magnetic laminates are innovative high pressure laminates that have unique magnetic properties mostly used in commercial spaces. You can find it in a range of different colours and it is mainly used for notice boards, pin-up boards, and other spaces – you can level up your magnetic board while making it look attractive and functional.


Lucida laminate sheets come with super high-gloss and are eye-catching. These sheets will make your office space look professional, sturdy and classy. These laminates are resistant to scuff, stains, abrasion and are easy to clean. It is also equipped with ViroKill technology that kills 99.99% of the virus, bacteria, fungus and other microbes on contact. Being long-lasting and durable, these laminates are ideal for a great investment in offices that are looking for durable and stylish office décor.

Fire retardant laminates

If you want to protect your office from any fire-related incidents then these laminates are the perfect solution. Made with special thermosetting resin, these laminates stop the flames in case of a fire and are slow to burn until the fire source is extinguished completely. This allows you to escape the premises keeping your office and employees safe – being easy to maintain also keeps you stress-free and gives you the safety you need.

Wrapping Up

When it comes to laminate sheets in India, a lot of business owners pick laminates as an excellent way to stylize even a small workplace and allow it to look clean and professional. Laminates allow you to experiment with whatever you want and looks impressive when clients visit your office space. You can do some research on bespoke laminates and go in for a reliable and trustworthy brand that will provide you with top-quality laminates for all your office interior needs. When it comes to laminates, they are quite affordable and great to invest in as they come with a lot of qualities and advantages that are just right for your office area.

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