When you're searching unique ideas for your wedding? The first step that you can do is write a variety of what you and your partner things to do, such as entertainment, design, color, favorites artists, interests, etc.. This list makes it easier to decide what the perfect theme for you and your partner.
There are unique ideas which you can use on your wedding

1. Clothes code
You can create the theme fashion for your invitation while entering your wedding. For example, your theme is traditional so you think all the invites that come wearing traditional clothes traditional. (This idea can be installed if you re visitors are friends and friends and relatives near you)

2. Espresso Bar
A few wedding parties, probably you can find a mini bar which includes a cocktail drink. For you coffee lovers, you can try this one style. Add more theme espresso bar in your wedding. In this bar your visitors can enjoy various kinds’ coffee such as a coffee latte, macchiato, cappuccinos, Sumatra coffee, and so forth.

3. DJ marriage ceremony
To enliven the wedding ceremony, you are able to hire a DJ. This idea is very interesting and entertaining. In the middle of romantic, DJ performances can attract the attention of your invited guests. You can also make disco party after the wedding reception. By inviting the DJ will truly enliven the atmosphere.

4. Provide unique children's performances
If the wedding ceremony standing is not included, you are able to provide a special performance of children. Usually the children don't stand to be a wedding of the party more than half an hour and not sometimes the parents so lagging to bring their children. Rent boy bubbles, clowns, magicians to attract children's interest to make sure they never disturb your wedding.

There are some ideas that you can take into consideration in planning your wedding party.

1. We suggest by using a table length of the box, compared to a curved shape. Further reinforce the box-shaped table decorations, and take a look not boring. When you are an outdoor wedding party theme still preferred by the bride and groom in 2011. Impact that "back to nature", fun, and appears much better.

2. If you want to keep an outdoor marriage ceremony, be sure you have a plan B. Given the unpredictable weather and rain can possibly fall anytime even when the summertime. Prepare a tent that may possibly contain the invited guests, just in case it rains.

3. Older luxury, or style of the past is likely more pronounced in 2011. By taking inspiration from styles in 70-80s, can it be weddings gown, makeup and hair design.

4. For food menu is easy but delicious. As with cake, making use of live flowers and fresh fruit which is the perfect choice. You do not have is too high so that the focus, but simply two or three levels but nicely decorated.

Hopefully useful.

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