Marriage is the important part of your life and every one want to make best planning of marriage day because wedding is remember whole life. So one month ago family member has been started to thinking that how we will we work for making best like invitation to all relatives, book the décor and make menu for dinner etc. So every member of your family wants to make best wedding ceremony and they try best level.

For making best you have to do planning in some orders like you will have to start planning an idea out with a theme. Do you want your day to have a classy Victorian theme? Is your favorite color pink? How do you feel about tropical islands? There are so many different ways to do a wedding.

If your choice is fairytales then I am giving you wild idea. You could have your wedding at a historical castle. It depends on where you live and you might have to travel. Everyone can be dressed in the finest old English clothing and wait for you to walk down the aisle to the arch of the front door. The scenery will be beautiful and you could say your vows as the birds chirp along to the standard quartet softly playing on the side. After you kiss everyone will cheer as you run to your horse drawn carriage and ride off into the nightfall.

Other choice wedding in India also is available like entire wedding theme in pink. That means everything will be in pink like invitation card will be pink, all places pink flower is used, pink color is used on mandap and table is also décor in pink color. Now a day this types of them is too much famous.

One ideas are very popular which is seen by us from childhood and this is very nice and money saving planning. The altar is on the porch of the little guest house to the side. Attractive little wooden chairs are all lined up in the grass for the guests to sit and watch you shine during your big moment. You walk down the aisle in your long white lace country sun dress with your bouquet of sunflowers wrapped in navy blue polka-dot ribbon. There's your husband in his white shirt and suspenders waiting for you with all his best friends behind him smiling softly. Your own pastor from your small church is there ready to marry you two before the sun sets and the garden party filled with flexible lanterns and old white linen table cloths begins.

There are many different ways to plan a wedding. It just depends on your personal style and how magical of a day you are dreaming about.

So there are many ideas and choose one which one you most like and you are feeling comfortable for making best wedding planning but if you have no confidence the you should have to hire a wedding planner for making well planning.

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