"How to make money online?" is the most frequent question nowadays on the Internet. The economic recession push the people to look out for extra incomes in order to be able to pay their bills, and it seems that the affiliate marketing is the most viable solution, considering that you don't need a fortune to start a home business based on selling stuff online. However, although it's easy to start, you must find the way to make the prospects to buy from you, the "unique selling proposition". Here you have few proved examples of the most successful unique selling propositions until now:

1. One strategy is telling to the prospects that they can get the product without paying a fortune for it. Of course, the promoter will not forget to mention that the competition has a higher price. In case that the promoted product has a higher price than similar others, it helps to offer a payment system, and, of course, to highlight the quality of the product for justifying the higher price.

2. Another technique is telling to the prospects that the promoted product has everything covered to give them everything they need in their niche or market. generally, people love to buy products that give them the benefits they seek, and, of course, it helps a lot if the promoted product has some qualities that the competition’s products don't have.

3. An effective strategy is telling to the prospects that they can compare the promoted product with an expensive education. this method is good especially for information type products. The advertiser will specify that even people with real college degrees can not always benefit from them, and the prospects will have the advantage of the benefit without passing through the whole process of education.

4. One tricky method is telling to the prospects that they can buy the promoted product with a discount for the moment, or they can wait and pay later a higher price. The advertiser can also make the product available only as a bonus for high price products.

5. Another technique is asking to the prospects to think about what they need to solve their problems. The promoter will claim that he can present a simpler way to do it than they have imagined. He will pretend that it is enough for the prospects to buy the promoted product and to follow the plan step-by-step in order to solve all their problems.

6. One more method is telling to the prospects that the sales letter they are supposed to read contains a lot of beneficial information. Sometimes, the advertiser will offer and a freebie and will specify that the prospects don't have to buy the competition’s product, they can save money and get the information for free. Of course, her will present and his own product and will highlight the difference between this product and the similar ones.

7. Another efficient strategy is telling to the prospects that they can centralize all the commands, like access, use, or control, of the promoted product from a single place. Generally, people hate using products that requires different locations for certain activities; as example are the cell phones, the remote controls, the control panels, which are very appreciate since they came up on market.

8. One tricky technique is telling to the prospects that the advertiser prepares a surprise for them, but for the moment is just giving them a hint. This method will increase the curiosity of the prospects, and, of course, and of competitors, before the product is launched.

9. One more efficient method is offering to the prospects the beta version of the product, specifying that this copy of the product might contain a few bugs, but will be cheaper or free. Of course, he will mention that they will get the original version when it will be ready, promising and some discount in the mean time.

10. Another strategy is when the advertiser tells to the prospects that he is a lazy guy and he doesn't like to try new things, except if things can bring him benefits with little or no effort from him, then he will explain with details how the promoted product can make their life easier without requiring time, money or effort for that.

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