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Philadelphia, US, 10th July 2018 | Unisecure Data Centers, also a leading web Hosting Service provider company for Managed VPS hosting and cheap dedicated server hosting in US announced new servers for Cloud Storage products with using NVMe for SSD Storage with additional feature snapshots in Beta. NVMe is knows as NVM Express or Non-Volatile Memory Host Controller Interface Specification. It is an open device user interface in details for accessing NV storage media attached by PCI Express (PCIe) bus.

Why Unisecure Cloud Storage Products ?

Cloud hosting services is most important and growing Technology in Software Industry. But before that you need to understand how products and services meet our requirements. With this, we thrive to fulfill our customers requirements.
1. Storage and Databases
(Cloud Storage, Cloud SQL, Cloud Datastore, Cloud Bigtable)

2. Big Data and Analytics
(Bigquery, Cloud Pub/Sub, Cloud Data Flow, Cloud Data proc, Cloud Datalab)

3. Machine Learning
(Cloud ML, Cloud Speech APL,Cloud Translate APL, Cloud Vision APL)

“Overall, 50 percentage of performance increases with 1 CPU Core addition to server. With our Philadelphia Data Centers we offer resource scaling, Said Management, Unisecure LLC.”
Unisecure's beta snapshot is working working as Automation with Backup. You can take snapshot of Virtual hosting machine while running. You can also share the same instance Snapshot with another server.
About Unisecure Data Centers
Unisecure Data Centers are also one of the best and leading web Hosting service providers. Our Technical experts, Information Technology and Design Team, Optimize the deployment of our own servers located in Philadelphia and Conshohocken Location which is U.S embed with Information Security Management System (ISMS) to examine risks and develop better processes for security our data centers are most secure and reliable. Our offering are including Cloud Computing Services, Virtual private Server (VPS Hosting), Dedicated Server Hosting Providers, Colocation services with 24x7x365 Rapid Action Support and 99.999% Up time Guarantee, high-density redundant power, flexible configurations, carrier-neutral facilities. Unisecure is productively maintained a Secure and reliable data center environment with robust technology, high-availability and physical security. We are having more than 650 experience professionals with proven records in Web Services in US. We have 50000+ customers over 17 countries including brands such as Canon, DHL, HP, Microsoft, Pepsi, Mc Donalds and much more.

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Unisecure Data Centers, US.
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