Some people interpret the most perfect women as: Egyptian eyes, American teeth, British skin, Swiss hands, Chinese feet...
Why are American teeth so popular? The reason is very simple. Americans' love for teeth has already formed a culture. The part that they care most about whether the body is perfect is the tooth! Dental neatness and oral hygiene are regarded as an external manifestation of identity and life attitude. Even the healthy beauty of teeth is regarded as a symbol of civilization and an important part of personal image. It is a beautiful scenic area of the face. I don't see you. The most eye-catching characters in the magazine covers of the United States are the beautiful white teeths!
In higher-level communication situations, the teeth are not neat as if they are not well-dressed, and they will be seen by others. Bad breath is considered rude. In many industries in the United States, it is clear in the recruitment notice: "Applicants must have beautiful, neat teeth."
Americans are very "competitive" about their own imperfect teeth. Many children on campus have braces, which may give the illusion that American children have more dental problems! Not also! They not only look at the correction of dental malformation from a health point of view, but also pursue the harmony and unity of teeth, jaws and facial functions and beauty. In order to enhance children's self-confidence and the competitiveness of job hunting after growing up, correcting teeth and body and mind and future The size is closely related.
Americans don't have dental problems, toothaches, and dental clinics. They are more likely to go to their family dentist for beauty (tooth bleaching, plastering, correction, etc.), dental care, and inspection. It is common for Americans to wash their teeth once a year. In other words, Americans have beautiful teeth, not born, but they are "care" for life.
If the Americans have problems with their teeth, even if they are busy, they must first go to the clinic to get their teeth. Most families above the middle class begin to care for their children's deciduous teeth. With age, always pay attention to prevent dental caries, timely correction, teeth cleaning, whitening teeth, prevention of periodontal disease, etc., in order to have a healthy and beautiful tooth.
According to USA Today, the average American spends about $1,000 to $1,500 a year on dental care: $200 for a tooth, $100 for a hole, and 100 for a tooth. $300, if you need to treat the nerves, you need to spend thousands of dollars. Someone joked that "the highest price for Americans to treat a tooth is enough to buy a diamond, and wearing one-year braces is enough to buy a new car."
Medical insurance in the United States only covers the routine protection and treatment of teeth. Because dental beauty is not insured, Americans' wallets need to lose weight again and again for the health of their teeth. Despite the high price, the enthusiasm of Americans remains undiminished. Because Americans care for their teeth, dentists are highly respected. Most American families visit dentists frequently. The dentists are their doctors, their consultants and friends, and they maintain a friendly and close relationship between doctors and patients.

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My name is peter Lapham a technical writer and blogger, writing on wellness since 2003 . My aim is to aware people that care is better than cure .