If you’re seriously interested in discovering and experiencing the power of meditation for yourself and live in or plan on visiting the Phoenix area then you might want to consider the Unity of Phoenix Wednesday Evening Chapel Meditation.

In this Unity of Phoenix Wednesday Evening Chapel meditation review I am going to give you a general understanding of what you can expect when from this experience of meditating at Unity of Phoenix on Wednesday Evenings.

For starters, the Evening Chapel Meditation begins at 6:15PM and as you walk into the chapel you are greeted by Prayer Chaplains who hand you an information pamphlet that contains the words to the songs that are to be sung as well as the order of service for the night, as well as a Prayer on the back.

If you’re anything like me you are used to experiencing the practice of meditation in complete silence.
However the Unity of Phoenix Wednesday Evening Chapel Meditation has songs throughout the service and I’ll be completely honest in saying that this actually makes the practice of meditation much more accessible to a larger amount of people.

At the same time, the sacred silence that is within you allows “more advanced” meditators to practice meditating in the moment as well.

Either way, the Unity of Phoenix Wednesday Evening Chapel Meditation begins with everyone singing the song, “Surely the Presence”.

Following this, whichever Prayer Chaplin is leading the meditation begins with an opening prayer which is followed by them announcing the intention for the Wednesday night meditation service.

After the intention is set and a few more words of wisdom are spoken you find yourself singing the song “Open the Eyes of My Heart” and after this you drop into the healing meditation for the evening.

And you will sink deeper and deeper into the Healing meditation until you are gently guided back into this moment by singing “I Am at Peace”.

What follows is the Prayer Chaplin who is leading the meditation service closes the evening meditation service with some words of wisdom and the energy of Love.

In addition, before singing the final song of the night “Alleluia” the Prayer Chaplin who has been leading the meditation service reminds you that if you would like a Prayer Chaplin to gently place their hands on your shoulders while silently holding you in prayer, then all you have to do is remain seated at the close of the service.

And as if that wasn’t enough, you will also be glad to know that Prayer Chaplains are available for prayer following the service as well.

In the end, now that you have become aware of the fact that there is a meditation service that is available to you on Wednesday Evenings. You can choose to make time to recharge your batteries during the middle of a busy week or simply dwell in the presence of the Lord at the Unity of Phoenix Wednesday Evening Chapel Meditation service.

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