Absorbing excess negative energies can trigger many senstive people of into emotional or physical meltdown. These energies need not be in close proximity to you physically. There is a universal collective energy that affects us as well. Since we all occupy our part in the collective each and every day, we could find ourselves affected by global events. How does this happen, you ask? That there can be an earthquake in Japan, and you end up feeling irritated or anxious for days? The collective universal energy is always there even though we cannot see it, (you can’t see gravity, but you can still feel its affects). Basically, you can think of universal energy as as the common connection of the entire universe and we all hold a space within it. Look it this way, when one petal is harmed, the entire flower suffers, think of yourself as a petal on the flower that we call the universe.

Answer the following questions.

Are there times when you feel a sudden wave of sadness that seems to come out of nowhere?

Are you someone indulges in too many comfort foods?

Do you suffer from migraines or headaches frequently?

Are you prone to addictions?

Do you have panic attacks?

Are there times when you feel like you are not grounded in your physical environment?

Do you suffer mood swings?

Reactions to negative energies can cause physical and emotional stress. Symptoms include anxiety, nervousness, unwarranted or irrational fears, restlessness, headaches, dizziness, and even feelings of being detached from your body. These reactions could have absolutely nothing to do with what is happening in your life at the time of the onset and leave you wondering why you’re so emotional. The key to managing these symptoms is awareness. Learn your own personal symptoms and then figure out what triggers them. If you find you have a strong reaction to certain people, environments or even traumatic global events, you need to take precautions or make lifestyle changes in order to elevate some of your suffering.

Below is a list of general lifestyle tips that you may find useful in preventing stimulation overload:

* Engage in a daily exercise routine.
* Drink plenty of water.
* Avoid caffeine.
* Keep your personal environment as organized as possible.
* Remove any old or outdated items from your space that may harbor old or negative energies (remember universal energy is in everything).
* Avoid crowds whenever possible.
* Feel gratitude for how your gifts of hypersensitivity can serve others.
* Shield yourself when necessary.
* Engage in daily prayer for the greatest good of all humanity, prayer naturally brings in light energy.

Learning how to shield yourself

Shielding is a vital technique you should practice daily—not only when you sense you need it. (Think of it as an important prevention tool, like taking vitamins or brushing your teeth.) Shielding not only keeps you grounded but also prevents your energy field from absorbing the negative energies around you.

You can use a variety of techniques to shield yourself, but start with this relatively simple exercise. Later, you can change or adapt it, if you’d like.

* Picture yourself inside a bubble with a white light from your Higher Power above your head.
* Envision this white light encircling your entire body, including the bottom of your feet.
* Tell yourself that this bubble of light shields you from all of life’s anxieties, as well as troubles and dangers.
* Allow yourself to feel the strength of this protective white light, which is so strong that nothing can penetrate it—so nothing negative can touch you.

When you then encounter troubles as you go about your day, simply remember your protective bubble and the light-inducing emotions it engenders. This works well when you’re in a crowd of people and feel surrounded by negative energy, as well as if you’re in a conflict at home or work. Anytime you go to a party or other large gathering with lots of people and lots of stimulation, remember to shield yourself first. Shielding yourself before you get into a car (whether you’re driving or just a passenger) is also a good practice.

Author's Bio: 

Sahvanna Arienta is the author of Lightworker, Understand Your Role as Healer, Guide and Being of Light. A respected radio host and recipient of six IPA Awards, she has studied and explored the metaphysical extensively for more than twenty years. She is also the creator of Soul’s Journey Media, a new thought company that brings messages of spiritual enlightenment to people all over the world. Vistit Sahvanna at www.lightworker.ws