Universal spirituality is a very important concept. Unfortunately, most of us have not been exposed to the idea of spirituality that is presented here. I am going to describe spirituality as it differs from “religion” as most of us have been taught and experienced in the various churches, synagogues, ashrams, mosques, and temples. There are many “religious” paths and the right path is the one that is right for you. That choice is wholly (holy?) yours. That is not what I will be describing in this article.

Many religions actually separate you from “Source” as Dr. Wayne Dyer describes God in his Power of Intentions. Many religions tell you that you cannot speak directly to the Source, Infinite Intelligence, Spirit, or Source Energy (as explained in Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret). You need to go through another “source” first. You are told that there are earthly rules and traditions that must be adhered to or you are made to feel guilty, sinful and a candidate for hellfire. And the hellfire is made so vivid with science fiction style horror that you are full of fear, thinking that you will be burning soon for not living up to the dictates of the pastor. This is not the kind of spirituality referred to here.

True universal spirituality is simply connectedness to God. I love the different perspectives of God that Dr. Dyer and the various personal development experts in The Secret use to bring a new possible awareness that we might not have had before. God is the Source of everything. God is Source Energy. As we are reflections of God, we should look at what God does and somehow mimic that in our lives.

Most religions say that we are the “image” of God. What does that mean? We are to reflect God in our lives. When you have a mirror in front of you, what do you see in that mirror? It is your reflection. Isn’t that “our image?” Doesn’t that image “belong” to us? And isn’t that image just a reflection of ourselves? The actual object we see is just glass in a frame. It has no power whatsoever. It is just a created object designed to give us a reflection of ourselves. The mirror is not God. The mirror is not flesh and blood. The mirror is not a creator of any sort. With that fact in mind we now can see ourselves in a clearer perspective. We reflect God’s Way, Attributes, Characteristics, and Spirit. And the more we consciously reflect God in this way, the more we naturally will be aligned with God. The more we are aligned with God, the more we will receive, because we will be in the perfect receiving mode.

We need to evolve ourselves from taking everything we hear to be so concrete and literal from the religious community. We should be reflecting God’s attributes and characteristics. We have to keep in mind that “Source” and “Source Energy” is all inside of us as well as outside of us. We have God residing right within. We don’t have to travel to far off lands to talk to God. We don’t have to go through rituals and traditions before we have access to God. We don’t have to get permission first before God will listen to us from whatever religious authority we might respect. We don’t have to go through any intermediary to get to God.

We are creators emanating from a bigger creative source. We and only we have the responsibility of co-creating our lives. We are energy emanating from a bigger energy source. With this concept in mind, we see that we, as an energy field, cannot be destroyed. We existed before this temporary and earthly experience as energy and we will still exist after this earthly experience. Since the energy that created the Universe, all we see and all we don’t see, is reflected within us, we can now create more, think more, receive more, and be more, knowing that everything that we need is already inside. In the Holy Quran Allah says, “I have given you everything you need for the complete fulfillment of your lives.” We are spirit emanating from a bigger spiritual origin. We are love emanating from a bigger source of love. We are givers of ourselves to others as God is the Master Giver to everyone. Externally we are compassionate as God is the Source of compassion. We are reflections of our Source. The more we reflect our Source, the more we will be connected and the more we will receive. This means that we have to submit. Submission is a challenge to many because we have to give up ego in this regard. Submission means to accept and internalize what was just described above. It also means that in the submission mode we are now in the position of allowing Spirit to come in and take up residency within. God is now welcome and invited to be the pilot, while we are the co-pilot of our lives. This is spirituality.

We are all connected. We all came from the same energy source. This is why it is so important to put out the best intentions with one another. Do your best by one another, communicate and empathize in the best way, and see to it that someone else is benefitting by your output of energy on a regular basis. The reason for this is simple. If you think harm to anyone, that harming energy will affect you. If you do harm to anyone, harm will visit you on one level or another. If you lie or misuse the trust someone has in you, that negative energy will find you. If you are judging others, that same judging energy will come your way. This is the idea of being connected to one another. Whatever you put out there will also come your way. So why not think about positive building and producing for someone, communities, or for international societies? Think about how that would look once it multiplies in your life and in others.

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Nazim Rashid has been operating as the CEO of his consulting firm, Nazim Rashid Consulting, since 1993, now called New U Enterprises, LLC. certified by San Francisco's Community Board for Conflict Resolution Training, recognized by the International Who's Who of Professional Management for his work with the youth and is listed in their 2001 directory. He serves as a Consultant, Life Coach, Personal Development Specialist, Workshop Facilitator, Author, and Motivational Speaker. He also has to his credit his first publication, curriculum and training manual entitled Young Fathers' Life Skills Curriculum and Facilitators Guide. His second publication entitled, Reconnected – How To Be A Mentor To Your Child-Self, focuses on repairing emotional wounds experienced in childhood while learning valuable personal development skills.