The 2020 pandemic have been devastating on the education sector, which has been affected the most. Schools, colleges and educational institutions have been forced to suspend all classes and admissions. It has affected lives and careers massively, as everything seems scary for an indefinite period of future. While those in the middle of their degree are trying to get through with online classes, people who were about to take admission in the coming sessions are in absolute uncertain soup! Students who aspire to 美国留学 are now left wondering what will be the future of their plans and aspirations of higher education in the country.

University Admission Offices Closed
The admission offices of most of the universities have been closed down indefinitely, possibly until this pandemic blows over, which means students are already in hot waters over the entire process. However many universities have assured that the online application processing is still functioning smoothly as ever, and the office can be contacted via email. While this is of some help to students, there is still pretty much a lot of confusion around among students who were planning on getting their admissions in the coming year.

School Tours Stopped
Events and tours that are organized for new students have been stopped until further notice for all institutions across the country. Except for on-campus boarding students who could not go back home, most university campuses have been completely or partially closed down since the pandemic hit. A number of institutions have managed to created provisions for online tours that international students can still be a part of as well.

Standardized Competitive Tests Halted
Standardized tests such as SAT, GMAT, GRE, TOEFL, IELTS etc are necessary to get admission into most universities in the US. As the test centers have been closed down across several nations in pretty much much a lot of parts of Asia, Europe and the Middle East, there is a growing uncertainty among applicants. Students in several countries might still have access to certain tests online, but the overall halt in these tests definitely restricts the chances of applying in several institutions of the US and this is extremely worrying.

Economical Impacts
Foreign students contribute a huge amount towards the running costs of an educational institution, in the light of the lack of any federal government funding. With this current pandemic situation, it is anticipated that there will be a setback on the number of international students. This can have serious economic ramifications for the rest of the students, as they might have to pay an inflated fees to make up for the gap. This might even cause an increase in fees from domestic students as well, since the institution would still require money for its running expenses.

A number of institutions are still actively trying to ensure that admissions occur without any disturbance. Any international student who manages to get their admissions done will be required to go through a period of quarantine. It is a good idea to talk to your institution to be sure about any expenses to be incurred for it.

Institutions across the country are actively trying to get the education situation back to normal and ensure the return of international students into the country.

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