University selection has seen a number of recent changes over the last decade and university interview training is becoming increasingly popular day by day among all. There was a point when students could get into university with their A Level results alone. After time, it then became vital to have a well written UCAS Personal Statement and now university interviews have become a standard.

Why has this happened? Grade inflation has played its part as well as the increased number of students now applying for tertiary education. This is particularly the case because of an increase in foreign students applying to study in the UK. They look up university training courses as the best option and therefore apply for the same. These reasons combined have made universities look for more ways to judge the quality of students and this is the result.

University Interview Training is now taken by approximately 12% of those applying. It is either run in groups at schools or at private company classrooms across the country. Where before it was a service exclusively for public schools now the university interview training courses are open to all individuals. Where schools have organized interview coaching students have had time in the school day to develop and practice their skills. In the cases where schools have not been so proactive it are often concerned parents who have inquired. The gains from University Interview Training are clear, and the area is predicted to grow over the next 5-10 years. Life is about education and interview technique is just one more thing that can be mastered. This course will definitely help you in attaining great knowledge and at the same time is open for all.

University interview coaching in London has particularly seen a boast. Parents who think their children could benefit from this should look at the services available. A company with a good history in providing a specialist services designed specifically for students is Adducology. As a student and careers consultancy they have an excellent track record of providing University Interview Training as well as a UCAS Personal Statement Review Service. Addcuology’s courses can be viewed at adducology Courses start at £149.99 and include 4 hours tuition covering body language, interview psychology, advanced question answering techniques and building structure into answers. University Interview Training for Schools can really give your students the edge. Coming to the end of A Levels and applying to University can be a challenging time for anyone.Going through the website will help in gathering more insightful information about services and associated factors. This structure in particular has a real impact on university interviews. Many students benefit from an increase in confidence but also learn some valuable skills for life. Therefore, it is highly recommended to take up university interview training courses to attain better results.

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Adducology is a student and career consultancy. Running University Interview Training and a UCAS Personal Statement Review Service which helps students reach their potential in higher education. The course can be viewed at or you can call direct on 0208 242 6336.