Vulkovic (2017) Reports “One in three higher education students think about suicide or self-harm”. In Australia anxiety levels at TAFE and University are on an Increase.

Mind Blank is a not-for-profit organisation that generates awareness of mental health concerns in youth across Australia by using interactive theatre pieces and, engaging youth in a fresh and unique way. We include young people through interactive theatre to empower them to be proactive about reducing the risk of youth suicide. If you need help now.

The Mind Blank University Show aims to:
- provide scenarios to help students handle stress better.
- to educate young people about common mental health issues and the support systems available.
- demonstrate practical self-help tips to reduce stress levels, promote resilience building and aims to reduce the risk of suicide.

Universities we have visited so far:
- University of NSW
- Sydney University
- Wollongong University
- University of Canberra

Author's Bio: 

Ally Kelly is the CEO & Founder of Mind Blank Ltd. For years she has been grassroots social advocate and a firm believer in early intervention. She has led the charity through seven years of service, for which her efforts were recognised in winning the 2017 Mental Health Matters Award for Mental Health Promotion.

Ally is an experienced senior manager in the non-profit sector. Previously, her roles outside of Mind Blank included work in the social services supporting marginalised community members and outreach services support to rough sleepers.

In 2018 Ally complete her Masters in Humanitarian studies majoring in research in social justice, inequality and humanitarian affairs. She believes that primary prevention offers the greatest hope for intervention recovery and therefore takes every opportunity to educate the community to recognise the early signs of mental illness, without stigmatising or discriminating.