Shrines are the most prominent monuments of any religion and they are often considered as the most holy place in any religion. It doesn’t matter what religion you belong to, but whenever you visit the holy places like shrines, you always feel a sense of spirituality and holiness for these places. Umrahexpert Five star Ramadan Umrah book for family. Shrines are basically the holy buildings which are built on the graves of pious people. These pious people have spent their whole lives in praying for Allah Almighty and in preaching the message of Allah to the people so that the teachings of Allah spread to maximum people. Umrahexpert Five star Ramadan Umrah book for family. Being Muslims, it is our responsibility that we should respect these pious people and should also pray that May Allah be pleased with His men who give them the highest rank in Jannat.
When it comes to other sensitive issues like praying on the shrines on these religious people or asking for your worldly desires from these people, then it comes under the concept of Shirk because all our worships should be for Allah alone and we should never ask any person to provide us anything as no one has the ability to fulfill your needs except your Creator. Umrahexpert Five star Ramadan Umrah book for family. On the other hand, worshiping a person whether he is pious or not, is taken as Shirk and Shirk is highly unacceptable. It is one of those Sins which are never forgiven in Islam and one should avoid it at any cost. Also a certain kind of Sufi dance is done on these shrines and many scholars debate if it is appropriate or not to dance on these shrines. Umrahexpert Five star Ramadan Umrah book for family. Majority of scholars don’t allow these Sufi dances.
It is seen that when people travel to Saudi Arab to perform Umrah by Umrahexpert Five star Ramadan Umrah book for family they wish to visit Jannat-ul-Baqi and other famous graveyards in which the companions of our beloved Prophet (peace be upon him) are resting. When they visit these graveyards, they are unable to control their emotions and out of utter respect and love, they start praying on their graves. Umrahexpert Five star Ramadan Umrah book for family. One should avoid any such act which can displease Allah Almighty and should only worship Allah alone. Muslims should pray to Allah for the forgiveness of their sins and the sins of whole Muslim community. Allah listens to our prayers and forgive us always, if these prayers and repentance our done with pure intentions.

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