As a wealth coach, I've devloped a passion for helping women understand how their brain and thinking impacts their income, success and perfomance.

And understandably, our current pandemic climate is triggering every hot button there is with money.

I'll shed some insight into the common thinking traps that trip up the smartest, most ambitious women. We'll take an inside out approach to shift your thinking so you're hitting the gas, not the brakes on your income!

I know you have big dreams and that involves generating the income and impact you dream about. Turn your new insights into income and impact!

Become the boss of your most important currency ('s not your time or money!)
Overcome the hidden "thinking traps" that limit your income and impact.
Discover the tool to diagnose your roadblocks and get unstuck fast!
Speaker Bio
What if you could harness the power of your mind and maintain consistent, focused performance? What's possible?

Amy Westbrook is a Holistic Wealth Coach and accelerator of high performance. Using her corporate background in neuroscience, she has developed innovative neuropsychological tools and high performance strategies to help ambitious people get out of their own way to achieve EXTRAordinary success faster, easier and on their own terms.

Leverage your Vision, Thoughts and Strategy to create your aligned life and claim your prosperity, joy and success!
Amy lives in Colorado with her husband, son, and fur babies. She’s an avid reader, global traveler and will dive in for any creative endeavor she can get her hands on!

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Event Location : The Pinery at the Hill, 775 Bijou St.,
Colorado Springs, CO 80905, United States

Contact No : 719-661-7483

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