The last decade has seen a significant upsurge in the use of Careers Services; I first noticed it in 2005 when looking for a job. It turned out 3 out of 5 of my friends present had used a covering letter writing service to apply for their current jobs. Two were bankers and one was a lawyer! From then on it seems non-stop; everyone I know now seems to be in their position with the help of a head-hunter.

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It is now the norm to use a professional resume writing service, and I think you now have to so you’re not left behind. Competition is tight and it seems to be the small hints and tips which are making all the difference. Even companies themselves are now running Career Days where employees write CVs and cover letters, interview training workshops are also common place. Those pinning for the top city jobs normally uses a career mentor to help them with mock interviews and more specialist management covering letters. Who would have guest it 10 years ago?.

So are they all they are cracked up to be? Consultants and Careers Services? Well I am sometimes dubious, but I guess the proof is in the pudding and people would not pay a premium for something that doesn’t work. I would suggest a few pieces of advice if you are thinking of using one, check the quality, ideally you require someone with knowledge of your industry sector. Check their experience and make sure they come form a reliable company, just taking a look at the company’s website is a good place to start. Understand what it is you are getting and try to build up a personal relationship with one individual, if they know your charter they are in a better position to give you honest advice.

I have used a few career services, some I would not recommended, but these two I would for CV and covering letter writing service, and for interview training and interview coaching. Whether you decide to use them or not, remember, today more than any other time the jobs market is competitive. There are a lot of people after each position so treat your applications, CVs and Covering letters like an exam! Good luck.

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