I’m sure you’ve spent a lot of time daydreaming here and there. It’s fun to sit around and think about life in the past or future. In fact, most people spend a great deal of their time thinking about the past and future.

Unfortunately, plenty of their thoughts are either regretful or fearful. That ole “stinkin thinkin” will create negativity in your life for sure.

When I began learning about the law of attraction years ago, I was intrigued. I had heard about the “name it and claim it” groups in the religious crowd and think they were a bit silly. So, I thought, you’re telling me if I want something, I’m just supposed to think about it, say I want it, and then I will get it? Yeah, ok. Well, if that were the case, I think more and more people would be living kick-ass lives instead of steeped in anxiety and depression.

I certainly gave it a try though. Even Jesus said, “Ask for what you want, believe that you receive it, and then you will have it.” Hey, if Jesus said it, it’s true, right?
I lost sight of the name it and claim it mentality for a while, but at a later date I was introduced to the law of attraction. This law asserts that like attracts like. In other words, what you put your focus on, you get more of. The biggest revelation I received from this type of teaching was that my current life was a direct result of my thought life up until that point.

The problem was that my emotional life was much less than pleasant. Could it be that my anxiety and depression was a direct result of my negative mindset for many years? And if so, could I REALLY change my present mindset and circumstances by changing my thought life? Could I really begin to focus on GOOD things and ATTRACT good things as a result?

Heck yeah. I figured that was well worth a try!

So I began educating myself on the law of attraction and delved a bit into metaphysics at the same time. I wanted to test this law out and prove that our thoughts really could impact our lives. I wanted to take full responsibility for my thought life and emotions.

I did. I have been ever since. I’d say I began tapping into the law of attraction and creative visualization about 5 years ago and I can attest to the fact that there is truth to the law. Just like the law of gravity works whether you believe it or not, the law of attraction works whether you believe it or not.

A, B, C

It really is as simply as A, B, and C. Ask, Believe, and Call it in. For example, I wanted to be free from depression, so I printed out a lot of positive affirmations because my self-esteem and worth was very low. I took the time to recite those affirmations through the months and also took action towards increasing them. Sure, I still struggled now and then, but I do believe that my thoughts and my words were creating a shift in the universe in MY FAVOR!

Keep in mind that this is not MAGIC. I must say that you can blow smoke all you want when it comes to changing your thoughts, but if your actions are in opposition to those thoughts, you won’t change. Let me just say that if you’re believing for a successful business and financial prosperity, yet you are lazy and irresponsible with your money, you will not see success.

Success comes from a positive mindset + a good plan + action + perseverance + more. Yes, thoughts are important, but action is just as important.

Creative Visualization

In addition to positive affirmations and learning about the law of attraction, I began utilizing creative visualization to picture what I wanted in my life. I would spend some time meditating each day and after that I would envision the kind of life I wanted, the kind of house I wanted, the successful business I was birthing, a glorious soul mate, and so much more.

Yes, I saw it in my mind’s eye. Visualizing is very important! Do you know professional athletes visualize their success? Well, not all of them, but the wise ones. They see themselves hitting home runs, shooting under par, winning the race, etc. Some athletes hire professional coaches that train them in creative visualization to give them an edge over other athletes.

What do you want?

Do you know what you want? Do you know what you don’t want? Sit down and make a list of what you want. Right now. Go ahead. You want to start your own biz? Start dating? Change jobs? Purchase a home? Stop being sad? More money? Less debt?

Write it all down.

Now, create an action plan for each goal. What steps can you take? Remember, this is not magic.

Once you’ve done this, commit to taking time each day to visualize the things you want. See yourself walking through the doors of your new home, kissing your bride, looking at mega bucks in your savings account, dancing instead of mourning, etc.

I dare you to dream big!

Author's Bio: 

Dominica Applegate is dedicated to the art of self-discovery, creative expression, and raw truth. She loves words like epic and hardcore. A sought-after author + speaker + coach, her work is ultimately about helping people remove blocks that keep them sad, fearful, lazy, and stuck. Author of Recycle Your Pain: It Has a Purpose, Conquer Codependency, and To You, Weary One, she’d love to meet you.