The pressures imposed by society on us to conform to the norms and expectations of the masses and the notion that anything you can’t touch, feel or see, cannot be real and is most certainly not believable, has forced us to repress our ability to know things before we think or in other words, we have suppressed our intuitive inner self. We no longer listen to or trust our inner voice or inner knowing. I hear you say “What inner voice and inner knowing” Well that voice that just asked that question is your inner self, which you are willing to listen to and believe. There is another voice inside you, which you have over time, slowly turned down the volume on, until you can no longer hear it.

What is Intuition?
Your intuition is your inner knowing or the self that knows things before you think. It is time to once again believe in your intuition and to allow yourself to gradually turn up the volume on your inner self and to listen to and to once again trust the counsel offered by this higher consciousness. Stop wasting one of your most powerful gifts and dare to believe in your higher consciousness once again. Once you have allowed yourself to accept and believe in your intuitive inner knowing, you have a really powerful tool to use to analyse challenges, explore opportunities and to guide you to make those really difficult decisions.

Unlocking Your Intuition
There are many ways to unlock your inner super consciousness, but the one I have found most effective is meditation. The practice of meditation helps you clear away the day to day distractions, which keep you trapped in disbelief and spinning your wheels on the hamster wheel of busyness. When you clear your mind and remove the noise and distractions of everyday life, you will be able to once again, just listen to and allow, your intuition to speak to you. It truly is a magical moment when you turn down the clutter and noise and start to once again listen to that magical inner voice will speak to which is your super consciousness. When you trust and listen, your inner super consciousness or your inner all-knowing voice will deliver subtle impulses, which will guide you toward living your true purpose.

Action Idea: There are numerous forms of informal meditation, which can allow you to empty your mind of stressful thoughts that do not serve you and allow you to hear and listen to your inner self. The key to meditation is to take time to relax breath, listen and reflect.

Making Meditation Work for you
The easiest way I have found to get into a relaxed and meditative state, is to lie flat on a very comfortable surface, with your legs uncrossed and your arms resting comfortably next to your sides. Listen to relaxing meditation music, commercially available everywhere, and to just relax and consciously control your breathing. It is really helpful to listen to the music through a good quality pair of head phones or earphones. Concentrate and focus all your attention on only the air flowing through your nostrils as you breathe in and out.

Feel the cool air all the way around both nostrils as it enters through your nose, breathing steadily and rhythmically as you inhale. Hold the breath for a few seconds and then exhale, concentrating on and feeling the warm air all the way round both nostrils as the warm air leaves through your nose.

Don’t allow any other thoughts to enter your mind. If any thoughts do enter your mind, acknowledge them and then go straight back to the practice of concentrating on your breathing and all the sensations that go with feeling your breathe in your nostrils. Repeat this for several minutes, initially seven minutes will be adequate to achieve good results. With practice you can increase this to an hour or more, depending on your unique circumstances and the results you want to achieve.

When you become more experienced, meditating for an hour or more will become very therapeutic, relaxing and a way to listen to your inner self. There are numerous techniques that can help you develop your skills and help you to get the most out of your meditation time. Advanced meditation is very personal and as such I would recommend that, when you want to ascend to a higher level of meditation, you do some research into the type and style of meditation that best suites you and your unique needs and circumstances.

Getting the Most from your Meditation Time
During your meditation, try to reflect, ask questions and allow the intuitive impressions to come to you. Pay special attention to images, words, physical sensations or emotions that you experience. Record all your insights and impressions after each session, try to understand what they reveal to you and then take action and find your true life’s purpose.

The practice of meditation, like any new skill will take about 30 days to become an entrenched habit and form part of who you are. Begin today to follow this process to try to find your true life’s purpose. You already have the answers that you seek, so allow yourself to listen.

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