There is a secret in life and in business that you may not be aware of. It is the biggest one, the one that, without your uncovering it, will stand in your way on the path to success.

Here it is: Where you are today in your life and in your business is a direct result of only one person - and that person is you.

Where you are today is a direct reflection of the words, the decisions, the thoughts and the actions that you took days, months and years ago. In other words, your results are directly your responsibility. And if you are not achieving your desired results, it is your current mindset that has been preventing you from doing so.

Do not be discouraged. This is not meant to be negative, because there is also great news. If you are the reason for your results or lack of results, the great news is that YOU have control over the cause of your results - you have control over yourself.

You can use that control to develop the mindset that will help you to achieve the success you seek.

Try this analogy to help visualise the concept...

Imagine your life, your business as a closet. It can be as small or as large as you desire it to be. Inside the closet are all of your aspirations, goals and dreams. But the closet is closed - and there is a security system in place. You do not know how to open it.

Despite your expertise in your field, unless you learn how to open that closet door, you will not have access to those aspirations, goals and dreams. If you cannot access them, you will not be able to achieve them. But you have just learned that you are the key, and with the key you can open the closet.

Remember, though, that your closet is also protected by a security system. You have to enter a special code to bypass that alarm.

If you do not yet know that alarm code, look on the bright side. You already have the key, so you are one step closer to opening the door. Is not it nice to know that you actually are the key to your own success? By using the key - your power to control your mindset - you are on the way to uncovering the code that will unlock the door to your life and business dreams.

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