Colour acts as a subliminal element to induce emotions in the arena of web designing. In context to it, have this question ever tickled your mind that why Whatsapp is Green or Facebook is blue? Color psychology is the answer to it. Thus, this area is a must read for web designers and developers to build websites with the right use of colours.

A Brief on Colour Pshychology

Color Psychology refers to the area of science, which defines how colour impacts human behaviour. It is typically a branch of behavioural psychology, which is quite complicated. As stated by scientists, color hosts an intense psychological impact on human brain and works as the influential visual weapon for grabbing immediate attention. Adhering to the fact, it has a deep impact on the personality, mood and perception of an individual over a brand.

Where do you need to use colour?

Colour is ubiquitous in nature and thus, you need to find out the areas where you can make the right use of it. The wiser choice is to avail web design services of expert professionals who have in-depth knowledge of the colour scheme of a website including graphics, borders, headline type, buttons, backgrounds and popups.
Following here are some of the most effectual colour tips to improve conversions.

• Men like green, blue & black and not purple, brown & orange

If you have a male-targeted website, then you must stay away from orange, brown and purple. On the contrary, blue, black and green are three most liked colours by them. Thus, using them efficiently can help you to target your audience rightly.

• Women like green, blue & purple and not orange, grey & brown

People often think that the most favourite colour of women is pink. But, it has been discovered that women also have a liking for green, blue and purple. Thus, if you want to enhance the look and feel of your female-targeted website, then these are the right ones to be used.

• Green goes great with environmental and outdoor products

Green acts as a chromatic indication for nature and thus, it is being used widely for portraying the nature, eco-friendliness, outdoors and the environment. If your website is focused on environment, nature, outdoors or organic, then green should be the choice for you.

• Yellow to warn about something

Needless to say, yellow is used to indicate any kind of warning. Thus, yellow can be used as a call to action while developing a website which, will bring a touch of anxiety and drive users to click or follow an instruction.

• Black adds value and luxury

Black defines power, sophistication and elegance. Thus, while availing professional web design services to build a high-end, exclusive, luxury product-oriented Ecommerce store, black must be used by experts for bringing a classic and timeless appeal to it. Having these in mind, you can address the presence of this colour in websites of many popular premium brands ranging across different categories like automobiles, watches and much more.

The web is indeed a vibrant place and thus, there is a lot of scope to accomplish your goal by making the right use of colours in your website. However, in the due process, do not try to make over usage of colours on your website which, might further it too much fancy and displease visitors.

Author's Bio: 

Chiranjit Roy is an adept web designer who has great technical knowledge and love to write informative write-ups on utility of web design services and key refinements happening in the industry.