Ever came across that section in the newspaper that almost everyone scratches their head over, wondering how best to solve it? Are you, like everyone else, baffled at the scrambled words printed on the paper, wondering how to unscramble them and decode the secrets within?

Lego light kits are readily available and instantly brighten up the mood. Feeling tired already? Feeling distracted?

If you are someone who has always wished to solve the mystery of these scrambled words, look no further, because we have just the treat for you! Not only will we show you how to unscramble words cheat in the most efficient way possible, but also how to use several interesting sources to do so! What more proof do we need? Science approves of Lego lights!

Calm Your Nerves
The first tip to unscrambling words is identifying the vowels in them. Take a good, long, and hard look at the words before you. You must get this step right before going to the next, as it lays the very foundation of resolving the mystery! Once you have identified the words, you must jot them down instantly on a notepad next to you. Fiddle with the Lego lights.
But hold up for a second. Finding this boring? Let's spice it up!

We have found no better way of making something a thousand-fold more interesting than Lego lights! Turn on the Lego night mode and start playing! Studies prove that it is next to impossible to learn, or carry out a task that requires brain power, for a long period of time, without any relaxation in between.

Let the brain juices flow!
Now that we have been refreshed, take a look at the consonants in your scrambled words. List them up with the vowels that you noted initially and start pairing them up, whether on paper or in your mind, trying to make familiar sounds.

As soon as you get a sound that makes sense, check the remaining words for any alphabet that may go with it. You need to be fully aware of your choices. Explore different combinations of words to ensure that you have a full spectrum of all possible outcomes. This is the tricky part though, so beware! You must invest all your attention in this. The sooner you do this, the easier.
The key is to, at first, start with smaller combinations of words. Shorter words are easier to identify. As soon as you find one, jot it down on a clean page on your notepad. Then, you can use these words to create more by simply adding alphabets before and after the existing word, or perhaps even in between!

We hope you enjoy your time unscrambling with Lego lights! Here's to a fun night of playing with words!

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