When I arrived into the second half of my life, I realized that the years were drifting by and I began to wonder why my life hadn't completely turned out the way I had wished. Certainly I had racked up many successes but there were also still unfulfilled dreams, places I wanted to go, books to write and things to learn. Self- doubt slowly crept in and I wondered whether I would ever manifest all of my ambitions.

That's how it once seemed to me. Maybe you are like me, and you too have also wondered whether you missed your chance and now it's too late.

Now I can see all this with much more clarity. That feeling of "I have my whole life to do whatever" has changed, and in its place is substituted with a daily gratefulness for what I have and a knowing that I will live my life fully to the very end, whenever that is.

I am blessed to have already have had a multitude of rich life experiences, and one of those gems is looking at the strategies that have supported my many successes.

I'll share with you my top three strategies that I have used to achieve anything I have wanted in my life.

Of course knowing the strategies is only one part. Following through on them is the other piece.

1. Know what you want, vision it, picture it, see it, feel it, imagine it and know it inside and out.

2. Be willing to change your attitude and make a conscious choice to meet the day with uplifting attitude and focus. It’s amazing how in one minute my energy will change and my state of mind will re-align for a productive day.

3. Make a plan and talk about it with supportive friends. When you tell people it makes it much more real.

These are my top 3 personal success strategies that never fail. I swear by them and know they work as I've been consciously using them for over 20 years. Simple but effective.

Author's Bio: 

Kaya Singer, owner of Awakening Business Solutions helps small business overcome obstacles and mental blocks in their business and self. She offers free tools and business help on her website, www.awakeningbusiness.com. Her book The Spirit of Business has helped thousands of small business grow and succeed.