Left untreated, people who experience Symptoms of Severe Anxiety on a regular basis can develop into a condition known as Agoraphobia. Because of this, you should seek treatment for symptoms of severe anxiety as early as possible.

Agoraphobia is a condition that occurs when a person who is suffering from symptoms of severe anxiety starts to worry about having an anxiety attack in a public place. They fear they will be perceived as a "freak" or crazy by others. So they start to rationalize that if they just stay away from others it will help them control their symptoms of severe anxiety. So they begin to fear and avoid public places. Approximately thirty percent of panic attack sufferers develop agoraphobia.

How do you know if you are at risk of developing agoraphobia? If you've experienced some of the following symptoms, it is advisable that you make an appointment to speak with your doctor about whether or not agoraphobia might be or become a potential problem for you.

Agoraphobics fear the following:

• Being in an open place. They feel exposed and vulnerable when they don’t have clearly defined physical boundaries

• Entering public places. They feel extremely anxious when they go shopping or in any situation that involves a crowd. They may feel like they are claustrophobic when they are in a crowd of people. They feel like everything is closing in around them. Escape is the only thing they think about and want. Traveling on any type of public transportation (like planes, buses and trains) is also part of agoraphobia.

• Any place where that a person suffering from agoraphobia doesn't feel like they could "easily escape" from...they avoid. Even situations like being on a bridge that has a lift.

Basically it all comes down to any location that is unfamiliar and different. Agoraphobics seek ways to avoid these types of situations. Because of this, many agoraphobics become virtual recluses, preferring to stay at home where everything is more easily controlled.

People who suffer from symptoms of severe anxiety can also develop other phobias or OCD. These fears develop when a person's mind naturally wants to avoid foods, situations, types of exercise or behaviors that they feel may be setting them up for an anxiety attack.

Unfortunately, because of this type of thinking, it actually sets a person up because it creates a greater likelihood of a fresh anxiety attack. It becomes a vicious circle...or a "catch 22" if you will for someone with symptoms of severe anxiety.

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