April 30, 2011

Unveil the Core of Yourself

What a great irony it is that we try to reach from a corner to the other corner of the world, from one planet to another planet of the galaxy; but, we never try to reach the core of ourselves. Our core, which is pristine consciousness, is hidden under the different layers of clouds. We draw wrong identity and references of ourselves from these clouds. How sad it is that throughout our lives we keep groping and wandering within these layers of the superficial clouds.

What are these layers? How these layers develop screening our real self?

These layers of clouds develop during the course of material and biological evolution. Following are these layers of clouds:

1. Basic instincts
2. Mechanical habits and automated thinking process that
gives rise to desire, lust, ego etc.
3. Innate emotions
4. Borrowed and imposed knowledge which conditions our mind
giving rise to social aspirations
5. Nostalgic intellectual, creative and positive emotions
that give rise to subtle ego

These five layers of clouds rob us of our self consciousness. When we are under the layers of these clouds, we are unconscious of our true selves. We are born with first three layers of cloud. Fourth and fifth layers are developed when we are in our worldly learning process. The fifth layers is very subtle and it gives rise to subtle ego. Most of the so called intellectuals, good and creative people are trapped in this layer. When we think of doing philanthropic activities for the society; despite of having positive intension, there might be very subtle ego in our subconscious mind and it is this subtle ego which may be a driving factor of having the idea of doing good for others.

These five clouds are the barriers that we need to transgress in our journey starting from the point of being the living system to being Buddha, the epitome of super consciousness. If we see the whole process of evolution of manifested realities, it starts from gross materiality of totally inanimate world. Then, this gross materiality evolves to the biological materiality, making a journey from the world of inanimate to the world of animation.
When we are born, we are just the living system as we have limited consciousness and the self consciousness is totally absent. We might be conscious of the outside factors or realities, but, we are not aware of ourselves. Even our ability of being conscious about outside reality is limited. As we grow, we develop ability to be conscious of more and more realities of the outside world; but, this is just the worldly journey. The spiritual journey starts, when we start developing consciousness about our inner realities, about the inner self, the core of our being.

So, life has three aspects-

1. The development of consciousness about outside world, which is a totally worldly process. Ability of this consciousness makes us living systems distinguishing us from non-living.

2. The development of consciousness about our inner world like our emotions, basic instincts, lust, ego, desire etc. When, we are conscious about these things, we become free from all these that confine us into localized events in the space-time continuum. The ability of having this consciousness evolves us from being living system to living being.

3. When we are conscious about very consciousness itself, this is a quantum jump into divinity. Here the watcher, the object being watched and the process of watching, all become one and the same. The moment we are conscious about our consciousness, we immediately come out of the confinement of our body-mind systems and pervade in the entire existence. We happen to expand till the last threshold of the universe. When this happens, we don’t meet God, rather, we ourselves become God. God is what? the totality of the existence. So, in this third state, we expand and get merged with the totality of the existence i.e. GOD. This state is our true self. This is such a blissful state that nothing of the whole world, whether, it be sex, wealth, power etc can match this bliss and joy.

Thank You.
Swami Aaron

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I am an author, artist, entrepreneur and spiritual scientist. I am a fundamental thinker. I do not accept anything as a fact just because the whole world considers it as a fact or truth. I do not condemn something just because it is condemned by the whole world. To realize the vast absolute truth, one has to be analytical and objective in approach because truth is always objective and universal. The path of belief can never lead to the realization of the absolute truth; only the path of scientific search can lead you to the truth. Search is a quite painful process, that’s why only a few people have been able to realize the truth. Secondly to realize truth one has to expand till the vastest possible domain of existence, then only the absolute truth can be realized in its totality. So unless and until one transcends to the vastest possible matrix of the existence we cannot realize the absolute truth. And this is possible only through super consciousness. Localized and deterministic consciousness can’t give the realization of the absolute truth. So one has to transcend one’s mind and pervade to the entire existence to realize the total truth. When one is established in Super- consciousness, the entire existence reveals its divine mystery. So I have worked a lot on Super- consciousness and through my books, though some are in fiction and in poetry format, I have tried my best to explain Super- consciousness. Following are the books authored by me:
1. A Date with God
2. In Love with All Beautiful Women
3. On the Wings of the Self
4. The Journey of Speaking Silence
5. Beyond the Beyond
6. Dancing on the Last Edge of the Universe
Presently I am working on my new novel “Divine Dance of Lust” and “Enjoy Bachelor Life after Marriage”
I have made more than hundred paintings on canvas in oil and acrylic to depict Super- consciousness. I am a Post Graduate in Management Science. After my education I started my advertising business and then established an IT Company. Apart from these, I am a Management Consultant. I give consultancy about business development, marketing and advertising, strategic sustained business expansion etc. Now I want to focus on my NGO “Divine Bliss Foundation” through which a vast segment of society could be served.
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Swami Aaron, MBA

Email: Swami.Aaron@gmail.com