Women love to feel the warm summer breeze on our skin, it makes us feel feminine and lioness-like basking in the sun, soaking up the glow. Everyone stops and stares at a woman with confidence, surely she must wake up like that? WRONG! Real women know that behind every sun-kissed, effortless summer goddess there are numerous products and hours spent perfecting the ombre hair color, the bronzy tan, finding the most flattering swimsuit and removing unwanted body hair. The summer preparation list goes on and on, lose weight, buy the newest colors, mani’s, pedi’s, facials….. And the dreaded shaving. It seems that most of us have accepted the tedious and often painstaking frequent task of removing body hair as given, a right of passage as a woman, remember when you got your first underarm or leg hair? You were becoming a woman and no one could prepare you for what that actually entailed.

Fast forward years later, you have grown more comfortable with your personal style, perhaps you have settled into a great job, started a family or love being single. You have learned how you like your body to look, smell and feel, you have the beauty store receipts to prove it. They say we spend on average $108 per year on shaving, now that may not seem like much but add in the cost of your time, worry and possibly the products needed to combat the skin damage and it doesn’t seem worth it. Enter laser hair removal, a technology that has been around for years that promises to thin and even stop the growth of unwanted body hair. Imagine attending spontaneous pool parties without having to worry about the last time you gave yourself a trim, sounds great right? Many women are often concerned with the cost, pain and time associated with laser hair removal which is why Body Details in Miami, FL has released a collection of laser hair removal videos to explain what laser hair removal is and how it feels to put all our questions to bed.

Real women with unwanted body hair agreed to receive treatment on camera to help spread awareness about laser hair removal. Miami beauty bloggers Annie Vasquez and many others sacrificed their body hair for our knowledge and assurance. While there are risks associated with any laser treatment, such as burns, Body Details explains that they only use the latest technologies to ensure the results are beautiful and safe every time.

It is a lifestyle decision to have unwanted body hair removed however you can and should feel confident even with natural body hair.

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Adora Collins is a Digital Publicist with a passion for natural remedies and life hacks.