India is the country which follows the unity in diversity so being an Indian is matter of proud. In India, various cultures are being followed and we are living united and with the approach that we all are Indians. News helps our country to stay connected from north to south and from east to west. News not only delivers the news about his state but also the news about India and all over the globe. There is several numbers of channels which are delivering the Kerala News and the man in any part of north India can obtain the news of Kerala. He can not only get Kerala news but also news of various other states such as UP News or West Bengal News also accomplishes every corner of the globe. With this, you will make out that the news is a medium which is connecting the people all over the world

India is a vast and the people are speaking in different language and also following different types of ceremonies and culture. News here plays an important role by not only unifying the people but also stand and fight against various things such as corruption and similar other problems. These news channels are helping us to be united and stand and raise the voice against various issues such as corruptions etc. It also delivers news about different cases through the people around the world and stands with then and helps them to get justice to get justice under the court law. There are number of channels which have played important role in some of the cases. Some state news like Kerala News and UP News also acted under such scenario. In this way, the people around the world come together and fought against injustice will out caring about their race and culture and same thing also when India win the match against some major country. West Bengal
News gives news about the polities.

News such as Bollywood news is also keeping the people united. The public not only in India but also around the world like to know about the Bollywood news regarding the stars, about their controversial life and about the lifestyle. Mostly news channels such as UP News, West Bengal news or the Rajasthan news are delivering the news about the Bollywood star to their fans. The news also delivers news about various happenings in life of their favorite star. In this way, news is acting as a linking force among the Indian states and the world. Kerala news also delivers the news on various topics such as politics, education etc.

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