General knowledge involves all the information of the important events and incidents that have occurred in our environment. It consists of all the basic information covering all the fields like business, war, disasters, important personalities, political agreements, science and technology, environment issues etc. we have to stay updated with general knowledge in order to stay aware. General knowledge has gained special importance mainly in the field of academics. Many competitive exams dedicate a major portion to general knowledge questions. They aim at testing the general awareness level of the candidate and how he or she can face problems in the future.
General knowledge can be attained through various mediums. Newspapers, radio, television etc. can help you stay updated with the current happenings all around the world. However, quizzes are an interesting medium to gain general knowledge. They can cover various areas at a time like politics, business, important dates and events, science and technology etc. Internet is the most preferred medium in today’s time. It is a technologically advanced world and everybody seeks for quick and easier ways to access information. Internet is a medium that has brought the world much closer. You can sit in one corner of the world and access information all around the world through the internet. It provides you with information on every single thing. It contains a detailed analysis of all the events and incidents that have taken place in the past. It is the easiest medium to gain general knowledge.
General knowledge is also important in the academic world. It is a part of many competitive exams and interview rounds. Every career field requires an individual who is not just trained in that particular field but is also updated with information in all the other fields. It makes a being more rational and open to new ideas. A person high on the general awareness level is usually considered an intellectual being. He/she is well aware of the conditions of the society and has a broad perspective. In the competitive exams, recently, there have been a larger number of questions dedicated to general knowledge. They test the awareness level of the candidate. Even in the interview session, that follows most of the exams, they ask you questions related to general knowledge. Most questions demand your opinion on various matters. In order to answer them confidently you need to be updated with the event or incident.

Thus, General knowledge covers information from all areas of the world. The amount of questions dedicated to general knowledge in competitive exams, signify its importance in today’s world.

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