We are often fascinated by famous personalities of the present and past. People admire famous personalities because they have done something extraordinary in their lives and have broken the shackles which most people aren’t able to do in their life. Their quotes reflect their way of thinking, what they perceive, what they feel about the society, how to inspire people and so many things to mention here. People have the habit of following quotes of great personalities be it from the past or of present who inspire their everyday life.

People follow different personalities because they have inclination toward their attitude, behavior, speech, body language, attire and wealth. It’s not always that personalities from the past are the one which inspire people. Every generation has their own famous personalities to admire be it from politics, sports, entertainment or business. Personality like Michelle Obama too have a very big fan following though she did not represented herself from a particular political party but still people love her. Some loved her as the first lady, some love her as lawyer while some love her as an activist, author, motivator, mother, wife.

Her quotes from her speeches at public gathering, meetings, social welfare have garnered her a lot of fan base. Some of Michelle Obama Quotes are truly very motivating and some of her quotes have very deep meaning. Her work for girl power is what makes her stand apart and her attitude of being very vocal for issues that centered girls and women have made her a household personality. The famous quote of her “when they go low, we go high” has very deep meaning. Another quote from Michelle Obama "Whether you come from a council estate or a country estate, your success will be determined by your own confidence and fortitude." literally can show the path to anyone who is low in self-confidence.

It’s not like quotes from famous personalities are the one which inspire people. There are many quotes from different categories also inspire people because they have been created from the life journey. Something like spirituality quotes, motivational quotes are the one which have come up because people can relate them with their life. Quotes have their own categories and it can be hundreds.

What role quotes plays in common people lives:

Motivate: Quotes are looked upon as the best motivator. We often see people referring to some famous quote and fills up with energy in doing so. Quotes have the power to boost the inner self of any person in any situation. They show the path to people that if he/she has done it why I cannot do it.

Revive People: People do encounter Ups and Downs in their live and it is the time where quotes play a major role in reviving people. We have often seen people who were deprived but did not give up and succeed and their quote make people learn that everything is achievable no matter how bad the situation is.

Quotes are a part of everyone’s life and they cannot be ignored. Quotes are created from life experiences and they certainly have the power to change the lives of others.

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