On May 28th, Uranus, the planet of unpredictability, excitement and eccentric will enter the sign of Aries. Uranus likes to spend up to 7 years in each sun sign. It will return to Pisces in Mid August but will fully return to Aries in mid March 2011. When Uranus was in Pisces we saw sudden violent occurrences related to the weather and our environment. Uranus is unpredictable and Pisces rules mother nature so we saw an increase of violent hurricanes and even some destructive waves in the ocean. Now that Uranus will be moving away from Pisces and into Aries you may begin to see unpredictability’s with our land, war and countries. Aries is ruled by the God of War, Mars. Mars was always heading forward and taking chances with life. It could be that now Uranus entering Aries may bring sudden chances with your money, home, career, gambles and future. You may decide unexpectedly to leave your job and pursue an independent career. Taking chances in life seem to come easily for you. You may venture out and begin a new project only to dump it later on when it's not giving you the quick results you were expecting. I suggest to take time and focus your on your goals but to be realistic so you don't take on a sudden or impulsive move to regret it later on. The next 7 years will bring you the opportunity and ability to work on yourself and what you want in your life. I hope it doesn't lead you to make a decision that may hurt other's because your focused on your own priorities and not what or how it will affect other's. It is a cycle that can make you selfish without trying. It's great to take focus on yourself but don't let other's suffer for it.

Below is a synopsis of how Uranus in Aries will affect each sun sign. You can read the extended version of this by reading your monthly horoscopes at http://www.thepsychicone.co

Aries-Uranus in your own sign will affect your own personality and self image. It could change your name or personal appearance. I noticed many times that people change their appearance by getting cosmetic surgery or even getting tattoos on their body. It's going to be a time of possible extreme changes within yourself. You may let go of bad habits in yourself. You may become more independent by living on your own or being your own boss. You seek greater independence and may find relationships at a distance.
Taurus-You may have more vivid graphic dreams. it could be about war or disruptions at home. It's time to build greater insight into your future by facing your greater insecurities. You will feel a greater independence in your life and will go of bad habits and people.

Gemini-The next 7 years will bring a time for you to surround yourself with a new circle of friends. Friend may suddenly disappear from you. You may lose friends suddenly or even stop talking to friends. There could be anxiety coming from your friends or you may send out that type of energy to your friends.

Cancer-Uranus in your career can really help you or may bring some disappointments. On the positive it can make you leave a job that you have spent so many years for something new. It could be a job that will surround you with electronics. You may start a business venture. You may go back to college or focus on your college career. It will be a very active time for you to begin to focus on what you want for your future career choice. On the negative you may lose a job, get terminated or fired from your job.
Leo-You may decide to take a quick trip to a place distant from you. You may have traveled to far away places and now you may take greater chances to visit foreign places and cultures. It could be that you have never traveled beyond your comfort zone and now you are willing to expand your horizons. Your beliefs will change.

Virgo-You may have difficulties paying your taxes or paying your bills. It could be that you run into problems with credit including credit reports, credit cards and lines of credit. You will also become more intuitive and may even predict death. It may seem very scary but it could be you connect on a greater level with the dead. I am in the middle of this cycle and I have felt greater connection to spirits and my intuition has improved big time. I am more psychically focused and my predictions are more direct and detailed.

Libra-Now Uranus will affect your partnership and marriage house which can bring a whole new set of challenges. Uranus stays in one house for 7 years. Expect significant changes with a partner, lover, spouse and others around you. Uranus in the partnership house may bring you closer to people who are different and unique. They may be eccentric and could study astrology. You may decide to study astrology yourself.
Scorpio-You may want to work at your own crazy schedule and not someone else's. You venture out on your own and may start a business. As you seek greater independence your anxieties will increase. You may discover or find yourself getting ill for the oddest reasons
Sagittarius-Love may require space and freedom. You want love but you also want your space. It could be that you are feeling suffocated in your current relationship. Both of you may have different schedule that provide you both with plenty of space. You may meet someone and fall in love with someone who lives long distance and welcome it.

Capricorn-The next 7 years will bring a time to relocate, renovate or make major changes in your home. You may sell a home quickly or find yourself having to relocate quickly. I have seen people sell their home before they have bought a new home.

Aquarius-Uranus will spend the next 7 years increasing short trips especially sudden short trips. Uranus may encourage you to visit friends more often or to get out of town to visit siblings, relatives and even your neighbors. I was born with Uranus natal in my third house and I love it. It's the area that encourages me to take on astrology.
Pisces-The only warning I will give you is that Uranus in this house can also bring debts and bankruptcies. Be careful not to spend too much money or invest into ventures that lead to nowhere. Make sure you take proper accounting and focus your career on getting ahead in your finances. It's a great time to handle your finances properly by budgeting and saving. You may see sudden rise of wealth.
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