Erectile dysfunction is the clinical name of impotence which refers to the inability of men where they are not able to create or hold an erection for a satisfactory period. Around the globe, we witness health disorders increasing be it blood pressure, hypertension, diabetes or any. With such increasing disorders rising, they have surely been a cause for erectile dysfunction to rise. This has surely given rise to more and more men suffering from erectile dysfunction.

A latest research in U.S claims that around 30 million men in U.S suffer from erectile dysfunction. Never knew nature could be harsh to so many men. However our cool lifestyles are to be equally blamed that includes smoking, drinking, unhealthy eating habits, erotic sleep etc. With every 1 in ten men suffering from erectile dysfunction, it has worsened the situation. The worst case is however with the senior citizens where around 65 % of men have been suffering from erectile dysfunction. Adding to the concerns of the senior citizens, this surely makes them feel detached (away from the partners too!).

The combinations of various physical and physiological problems have lead to this grave problem where a man finds difficulty in proving his maleness.

Examining the reason behind this huge threatening problem, we are surely able to arrive at a situation where obesity is to be a sure –shot reason. The Americans are said to be the fattest people in the world where even children are not spared. This extra calorie is a heavier problem indeed as there is surely an evident correlation between the obesity and erectile dysfunction. The fast food craziness in men has also added glitches to men as it makes them unhealthy which can be another major reason for them to be impotent.

However thanks to the various oral anti-impotence medications those have answered the grievances of the men who are undergoing the problems of erectile dysfunction. These anti-impotence pills include Generic Viagra, Silagra, Kamagra that comes in the form of flavored jellies too. They have also been made available online to add ease to these U.S men who generally prefer shopping online. They have also been approved by the U.S FDA (Food And Drug Administration) after weighing the problems of these men. Also this is the reason why probably we witness more and more ailments that are been made available to the men who desire for a healthy sexual life. Again to make things easy, there have been generic medications available to the men as it was seen that the branded drugs did not fit into their budget. They are similar to the branded medications in terms of quality. However they are granted at prices that are much lesser than the branded ones as they have lower production cost.

Physicians and other health experts have proclaimed that men in U.S.A must take it as warning and as an indication to other health problems.However one must not panic as erectile dysfunction can be easily treated now.

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