Mosaic tiles are produced by putting together small pebbles together on a mesh, providing a smooth surface divided into various sections with the help of grout lines. The texture of the mosaic tiles is very much similar to the texture of ceramic tile. The difference between ceramic and mosaic tiles are that mosaic are smaller than those ceramic.

Normally, as people use these tiles they assemble small pieces altogether, stick with the paper glue or other materials. As you install these tiles on the surface of the floor or walls, you have to make sure that you leave enough space between single tile to let cement leak into those space and make these tiles stick together.

Usage of these tiles

Mosaic tiles are being used in covering material of floor and wall or other surface. Here are two types of mosaic, divided by the character of the tile’s surface, which are polished surface and rough surface. Polish surface mosaic is suitable for wall covering while the rough surface is suitable for floor covering in order to avoid slipping. The surface of these tiles also has the ability not to damage from chemicals, oil, pressure and scratch.


You have to make sure that when applying mosaic to the surface, the pieces of these tiles is firmly stick to the surface otherwise they will peel off. You can also use wet cotton in cleaning these tiles without using any other cleaning chemicals.


First thing that you should keep in mind when installing these tiles is that, floor and walls are well prepared in terms of slope and cleanliness of the surface. You have to make sure that the surface is flat and not knobby otherwise the tile will not stick firmly to the surface. Then you have to mix cement with sand in the right proportion and apply to the surface about 3 centimeter thickness and slowly put mosaic tiles on the cement and leave it until the cement is dried. If you opt to use the glue paper, then apply cement into the cavity between single tiles and leave it for another 2-3 days before use. This method is not actually complicated so it is ok for you if you want to make it by yourself.

If you visit a construction material shop and see mosaic tile that is mock on a glue paper or nylon net, this is just a mock up model to display the pattern designs of the mosaic tile, Keep in mind that this is not the way that you can have those paper tile to actually apply to floor or wall surface.

The mosaic tiles that are assembled and stick on the net is suitable for floor covering than using with wall, because nylon net has less ability to stick with the surface because the net have to carry weight of entire of mosaic while it has very little space that attached to the surface. The type of mosaic tile that use glue paper to coat and adjoin to the surface will be more effective in.

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