Have you ever been faced with wondering why your child is delayed coming home from school or returning from playtime in their neighborhood? If you have, then you’ll be delighted to learn about an innovative GPS child locator that enables you to track your child in real-time from a pc or smart phone anywhere in the United States.

It’s as simple as attaching a small device, nearly the size of a pack of chewing gum, to your child’s belt loop, shoe, or backpack. In fact, this device is so small there are literally hundreds of uses for it to enhance your child’s safety and your peace of mind. Are you concerned about your teenage driver? Would you like to know where they are driving – and even if they might be speeding? Today’s technology makes it very possible and simple for all parents to enjoy the benefits of real-time GPS tracking. Put an end to needless worrying by taking advantage of this modern technology.

Currently, www.ChildTrack274.com offers an innovative GPS child tracking device for an extremely affordable price and still delivers all the desired bells and whistles a parent needs to protect their children from harm. Imagine a GPS child locator without contracts, fees, or activation charges. Purchase this unique device now and secure a full year of GPS service for free. At the end of the first year, subscription for continued services is available for only $4.16 per month. You’ll also receive access to download free apps for your iPhone or Android-based smart phone and possess the ability to specify customized settings, email or text message notifications, and virtual boundaries.

Regain control of parenting worries and turn that energy into something more productive by purchasing your own GPS child locator. Even when you no longer have a need for a GPS child tracking service, you might be surprised by the possibilities; including pet tracking, luggage tracking while traveling, and even vehicle tracking.

Visit www.ChildTrack247.com to view complete details and features of the smallest GPS tracker available in today’s marketplace. Read about how this technology works, view commonly asked questions regarding GPS technology, and take advantage of Child Track 24-7’s exclusive offer, which includes a full year of free service. Choose from a U.S.A./Puerto Rico or Canadian tracker to suit your needs right from the convenience of your home computer.

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