A property with a fence is a property with an identity. A fence gives protection for the people and things on the property. It is cheap, easy to install, and gives good visibility that the compound wall does not give. We can use different kinds of fences depending on our need. Here are the various kinds of fences in common use.

Hexagonal Wire Mesh

First is the hexagonal wire mesh. This is made of wires made in the shape of interlocking hexagons. The most common use of this type of fencing is for tree guards, pet enclosures. Storage bins, decorative enclosure for tennis courts, and light fencing for poultry also have this type of enclosure. The diameter for these fences varies according to use. You can get the specifications for this from the Hexagonal Wire Mesh Suppliers. They will give you the right type of wire fencing for your need.

Putting Up the Fence

It is easy to put up the fence. One must first measure the perimeter of the property that one wishes to enclose. Then, place the order for the total length to the mesh supplier. You will need posts and anchoring for the posts. This is usually of cement concrete. The length between the supports depends on the height of the fencing, if it is tall, then we will need more supports. At times, we use this as wire mesh fabrics for light reinforcement in laying of roads, plastering, and making splinter proof glass and cement concrete.

A Chain Link Fence

The chain link fence is similar in construction to the hexagonal fence only there is fewer twists between the wires and the wires are thicker. We can get it in many colors and designs. It usually has a PVC coating. This coating protects it from rusting. The thickness of the strands range from 2 mm to 5 mm. We use this type of fencing in many places such as for poultry shed, garden, bungalows, backyards, road fencing, and industrial fencing.

Crimped Wire Netting

Crimped wire netting is useful for places where we need more aesthetics. The crimling also adds to the strength of the fence. Stainless steel chain link fencing is more durable compared to galvanized chain link fence. You will find it around high-grade playgrounds and gardens. They also put it up in super highways, railways, and airports. When security is paramount, we use concertina coils.

Concertina Coil Fencing

The concertina coils is used for high security establishments like prisons and military yards. You can get more specifications from the Concertina Coil Manufacturer in your locality. It comes in a variety of sizes and wire diameters. When we need more security, we place the coils closer together. This will be placed on top of a compound wall or barbed wire fence. These coils add to the security. We can use single coil or double coil as needed.

We must anchor the coils at regular intervals. This is needed to give strength to the fence. The anchors are made of steel and embedded in concrete. Use of proper fencing will help to improve the safety and beauty of the place.

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