Using the colours black and white as the main decorative theme for your wedding day may seem like a dramatic and left field choice, but it actually makes perfect sense. To begin with, white is the traditional colour for a wedding day, and every wedding has a large element of tradition built into it. Allied to this, however, is the fact that using black as well will create a sense of drama and a unique visual motif which will lift your special day out of the run of the mill.

Designing the look of your wedding day is something which many people spend weeks or even months stressing over. It’s not difficult to understand why, of course. Everyone wants their special day to stand out as a unique and personal event, whilst also capturing the traditional and timeless elements of a wedding which are loved by all. Pulling off this trick is much more difficult than it sounds – after all, the trades of fashion designer, interior decorator and event planner are all highly specialised and well paid, so there’s no need to assume that just anyone will be able to make a good job of it. If approached correctly, however, planning the look and style of your wedding day can in fact still be a pleasure and adventure rather than a stressful chore.

One of the things which many people aim for when putting their big day together is to create something which is unique to them. The best weddings are those which, in appearance and ambience, capture something of the personality of the couple involved, and do so in a way which marks them out as being different from every other wedding. Using a black and white colour scheme, for example, will mark out the day as being extra stylish with a sense of the dramatic, and utilising feathers to create this look will add yet another layer of individuality.

Feathers have been making inroads into the world of style and fashion in recent years, and the reasons are not hard to formulate. They offer a combination of style and individuality, whilst also bringing along a hint of the natural world to everything they adorn. What’s more, as they come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours, they offer a flexibility which means they can be adopted in a huge range of situations and to create a wide range of effects. Large feathers, for example, will look stunning if used to decorate the venue for your wedding celebrations, either as table decorations or attached to the walls and furniture themselves. Peacock feathers, for instance, have been designed by nature to be visually striking and alluring, and the same is true if they’re used as a decorative tool. The rich colours and the way in which the appearance changes as they shift and the light moves across the surface, means that they are utterly striking and beguiling and, like all feathers, they combine this visual appeal with a tactile attraction. It’s hard to look at a feather, big or small, without being tempted to reach out a hand and touch it to feel how light, soft and appealing it feels, and this will add yet another layer to the impact they create when used as a motif throughout your wedding. The way in which you use feathers is entirely up to you. They could be incorporated as a motif in everything from the flowers to the icing on the cake, or else they might be restricted to the attaching of a simple yet stylish ostrich fringe to an otherwise traditional wedding dress.

Whether you opt for a dramatic black and white theme, or just use feathers in UK as an occasional decorative feature, they’ll enhance the look and feel of the day and help to turn it into one that people will never forget.

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