In current time, competition among people is too high. At this time, creativity is the most essential skill to win the competition. Childhood is the best time to sow the seeds of creativity. A child’s mind is similar to a blank canvas. Creativity can be easily taught to children because at childhood time learning and grasping powers are very high. Some easy tips are mentioned in this article to enhance creativity in children.

Creativity skill depends upon various factors such as surroundings, curiosity, fearlessness, etc. When the children get creative environment then creative skill is automatically developed in them. It is the responsibility of parents to channelize the creative energy of kids in a positive direction.

Here, some easy and effective tips to foster creativity in child are explained.

Understand Your Child:

To enhance creativity in child, it is essential for parents to first understand their child. Parents should identify various things such as:

• What the strengths and weaknesses of their children.

• What their child like to do.

• What are the aspirations of child.

Once, the parents become aware of the child’s strengths and interest they can make the child creative and innovative. Parents can enhance creativity in children by giving them toys, which can be transformed easily into multiple creative shapes. This creative exercise will help to encourage creative thinking. Puzzles and building blocks are also some great tools to boost creativity in kids. In these mentioned works the child will use his creative imagination.

Promote Natural Talent of Child:

Parents should not force their aspirations on child because by doing this, parents are killing creativity and talent of their child. For example, if your child has natural inclination towards singing and you are forcing the child into learning painting then you will only suppress natural talent of your child. By encouraging natural talent parents can enhance creativity in child.

It has been analyzed by researchers that kids are short on patience. They lose interest quickly. Parents can keep their kids interest and learning spirit alive by giving them proper guidance and encouragement on time.

The best method to keep the child motivated is to pay attention to what the child does. Parents should give encouragement and continuous support so that children get supportive environment.

Dr. Arvinder Singh (The creativity and Intelligence Trainer) is gold medalist from IIM, Indore. He has done various mind training courses from esteemed national and international universities. Dr. Singh has introduced CreativeHeights (creativity training course) to enhance creativity of people. In this creativity training program, he boosts creativity of people by applying various creativity tools.

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