Energy Management may sound like a flaky New Age philosophy but if list building were strictly about mechanics then everyone would have a rapidly growing list. The truth is some online marketers build their lists rapidly and others can’t seem to get their list off the ground. Why is that?

It’s because people with big lists have managed their energy around growing a bigger business and the others have not. If you are having trouble building your list you might want to check on your energetic vibration around growing your business. Here’s one area to consider:

You may be secretly harboring the fear of success. It always sounds ridiculous when you hear this but this is true for many people. You may be afraid of not being able to handle a bigger business and all the details involved. You may be afraid that you’ll have to hire more people to help you and manage all of them. You may be afraid that you’ll have to spend more time in administration and less time with clients.

All of these are valid fears when you are a small business owner. But you can take heart from the business owners who have come before you and “been there, done that.” When you grow your business gradually and keep your mindset energetically aligned with your goals, you will be able to handle the growth of your business smoothly.

Here’s what 7-figure business coach, Kendall SummerHawk says about it:

“Remember this: your business isn’t going to leap ahead ten-fold all at once. Growth happens in stages which means you’ll have the mindset, tools and resources you need as you increase your success. So, stop worrying about how you’ll “handle growth” and begin to release this energetic roadblock.”

You may have seen the phrase F.E.A.R. is “false evidence appearing real.” Even though your fear may be valid, it’s still just something that may or may not happen. Putting your attention on it by worrying about it will only attract it to you. When you use energy management techniques to keep your attention focused on your business goals, activities, and plans, you will begin attracting them instead.

Focus on how many people you want to add to your list this month or in the next 90 days. Trust that when your business starts to grow, the Universe will provide you with everything you need to handle it. Do a good job of managing your money so you will have the skills in place to manage more of it. Move yourself forward incrementally so you don’t get overwhelmed.

These are some of the ways you can manage your energy so that your vibration attracts more potential clients into your business through your list. And these actions will help you dissipate the fear of success that may be inhibiting your list’s growth.

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