I’m no philosopher but I am a good observer. And in my 15-years as a Feng Shui consultant, I have met many people anxious to find a loving partner and many more who are looking for ways to spice up their marriage. I remind my clients that love isn’t just a “feeling,” it’s an action. And Feng Shui is the perfect ingredient to enhance love and relationships. Here are some ideas and Feng Shui suggestions you can use to enhance your love and relationships:

1. Give Your Bedroom Attention. When your romance needs a small boost, always see what’s going on in your bedroom. Pay attention to how your bedroom is organized. Make adjustments in your bedroom refresh the look and remove out-of-place items – This will make your bedroom more attractive to both you and your partner.

2. Eliminate Clutter. Have you ever noticed how good spring cleaning makes you feel or how good you feel when you rearrange the furniture? Well, that’s because you are moving energy around that may have been stagnant. Clutter creates a huge amount of stagnant and negative energy. A stagnant relationship can also be a sign of a stagnant bedroom. You can actually reinvigorate your relationship just by de-cluttering, redecorating or arranging your bedroom.

3. Proper Bed Placement. Placing your bed in the “Commanding Position” empowers a healthy and happy relationship. The bed should be positioned so that when you sleep, you are able to see the door. You will be more relaxed in this position as you will not be on-guard consciously or unconsciously about someone entering the room without you knowing.

4. Decorate in Pairs. Pairing objects in the bedroom is strong symbolism in Feng Shui and a great way to create positive intentions. If you have only one lamp next to the bed, add a matching lamp to the other side of the bed. The relationship sector is located at the far left side corner from the entrance of the room.

5. Shut the Bathroom Door. Many bedrooms have an attached bathroom. Keep that door closed and always make sure the toilet seat is closed too! In Feng Shui, the bathroom drains energy. Think of it this way, your love is energy and if the bathroom door is open, your positive energy is going right down the drain, or even worse, right down the toilet.

6. Hang a crystal in a window. Hang crystals in the window acts as a magnet for positive energy. The rainbows of light cast by the sun hitting a crystal can cleanse a room of negative energy. These are nice to have in rooms throughout the house. To get the best effect, hang crystals from a 9 inch long red string or ribbon.

People invest a lot of time and money to seek answers to their relationship questions. Yet they are unaware that the answers lay within their own living spaces and Feng Shui is the key to unlock these hidden secrets. For more than 15-years I have been demystifying Feng Shui for clients and showing them how Feng Shui adds purpose to the way their living space is organized and how it can enhance their goals in love and relationships as well as financial prosperity, health and overall happiness.

Author's Bio: 

Beata Kulitskaya is a Certified Feng Shui Practitioner and owner of Double Happiness Studio. Beata has studied abroad in Thailand, South Korea and China to see how the Feng Shui Masters incorporate Feng Shui principles into everyday living. Beata applies this knowledge to demystify Feng Shui for her clients and apply its principle so they can better achieve their goals. To learn more about Feng Shui, Beata’s classes or home consultations, visit her web site at www.dhsfengshui.com or email her at beata@dhsfengshui.com.