New S.E.O. Website Report by review

I feel that It is necessary for me to point out that I have written this review for, and their in-depth S.E.O. website report, because I truly believe this to be an excellent service, and you should know that this is my own opinion, and I will not in any way be compensated for it.

How would you like to be able to see with Google eyes, and be able to understand what your local business website is about? If Google does not understand what it is about, then very likely your potential customers are not even going to get the chance to see it.

Many local business owners nowadays are beginning to understand why it is important to have a business website; however they tend to know very little about how a website should be set up, or the reasons why it is important that the search engines can understand it, before they can present it in the local searches.

Now you have the chance to be able to check how your website is seen by the search engines by using the new S.E.O. website report by

With the S.E.O. website report you can now see with Google eyes how good your website´s on-page optimization is, the report gets it´s information about your website, in exactly the same way that Google see´s, when they crawl it.

The sad fact is that local business owners tend to use a local website designer, who knows little or next to nothing about S.E.O. (search engine optimization) to set up their local website for them, and then wonder why their website is not being found by their local customers.

Wouldn’t it be better then to check out the home page of a website designer or S.E.O. company, before you engage them to do this work for you? Of course it would, and you can do this using the free service offered by, you can check out any website homepage that you want to, including your own. have now taken this a stage further by introducing an in depth service, allowing you to analyze up to 5o pages of your website, with helpful tips on how it can be improved for the search engines, and for your local prospective customers, although there is a small monthly payment of $9, 95, which I believe to be excellent value for money.

In my own quest for perfection, I stumbled upon some time ago, and have found their reports invaluable to my efforts, and I have also used the free report to check out not only my websites, but also those of my competitors as well.

This has been an eye opener for me, and I must say that I am surprised to find that some large national company’s websites are not very well optimized, particularly as these companies are using S.E.O. “experts” to do the work for them, at a substantial monthly fee.

At least now that you are aware of these facts, you will be able to avoid making these mistakes, and hopefully save some time and money as well, maybe you can even do this type of work for yourself, with a little help from, and it won’t cost you anything to at least try out the free version, before making a decision about the paid for one.

I do hope that by now you understand the importance of good on-page optimization for your local business website, you don´t need to look through Google eyes to see specialize.

I believe that you can see the value of this information, and perhaps you may even pass it on to others, who may also be able to benefit from it.

Wolfgang Bloomfield.

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Wolfgang Bloomfield is an Internet Marketer, and a Local Business Consultant, he is also a member of community of professional webmasters, “We know the web” he has studied S.E.O. extensively, as this is what makes or breaks any business that is using the Internet. Find out how Online Help for Local Business and his Local Business Service, can help your Business, to get more customers and sales, by visiting his website.

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