Money affirmations can be used to help us attract the wealth we desire. The problem that many of us face is that we have a poor relationship with money. We put ourselves in inner conflict because of our misunderstandings. Hence, we need to improve on our self talk with and about money. By changing the way we think and feel with money, we can begin to manifest greater wealth. Just like with any lover or friend, we need to spend time cultivating healthy relationships.

Let us begin by taking some time to clear up our misunderstandings. First of all, do note that the desire for wealth is not necessarily a bad thing. Money is never the root of all evil unless greed accompanies it. So when you desire for money it does not mean that you are a bad person. However, it is the greed or the craving of money that results in suffering.

Secondly, understand that the need for money is not an end in itself. Most people desire money to meet their lifestyle needs. Indeed, we have bills to pay for and need food and sheltor to survive. At the same time, we also need money for a comfortable home or to travel so as to enrich our life experiences. However, it is really money per se that we long for. Rather it is the things that it can buy.

Thirdly, our poor relationships with money can be largely inherited from our parents or caregivers since we were young. Our self talk about money came from their experiences. They might have adopted untrue stories from their own parents as well. Their map of the world is not necessarily an accurate one. Reality can be distorted when viewing through the lens of perception by each individual.

Money affirmations can be used as soon as you realize that you need to change the thoughts you have towards wealth. Affirmations are considered to be very effective tools that you can use that would work together with the law of attraction. By re-writing your talk about money, you can start to attract the financial abundance you desire.

There can be many money affirmations that you can choose to use. You can find several of them in many websites. However, you will need to choose the ones that resonate for you. As mentioned, your relationship with money can be caused by specific circumstances that belong to your parents. Hence you will need to review your own past as well as that of your parents to make a more accurate assessment of which money affirmations to use.

When you are writing your affirmations, they should convey a strong meaning to you. You should feel a deep emotion within yourself while you are writing them. The emotion that you feel is one of the factors that will draw whatever you want towards you.

For money affirmations, make them specific but believable. General statements such as “I want more money in life” do not help as much. Rather say something like “I make an extra ten thousand dollars a month easily and consistently. Refrain from making the amount to ask for too much of a stretch on your belief system. A strong sense of expectancy is needed to bring the amount forward to you.

Start to make money affirmations work for you! Improve on your relationship with wealth. And begin to attract the lifestyle you deserve and the freedom it brings you!

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