Castor oil is a substance that is used for its therapeutic properties. Its benefits are: constipation relief, hair loss prevention, fungal treatment and cellulite. 

Castor oil is obtained from the seeds of the castor plant. One of the most impressive uses of castor oil is for dog care. It is efficient for soothing and treating skin issues and to deal with fleas in ticks.


Castor Oil for pets

Castor oil can be used for your pet’s health problems. It helps to combat your pet’s skin issues such as dry patches, skin allergies and fungal issues. It also boosts the immune system of your pet. The most important thing to remember is that you can use castor oil on your pet externally.


Is Castor oil good for dogs?

Dogs have a different digestive process, they take differently to certain foods and herbs so this questions still arises that, 
Is Castor oil safe for dogs? Castor oil for dogs – can only be used externally and not be ingested orally. The Castor oil should not be ingested to dogs because the castor beans are considered to be toxic for dogs in high amounts. The beans have ricin that can cause oral irritations in dogs. The ricin can cause gastrointestinal upset in animals as well as humans.

Uses of Castor Oil in Dogs
The dogs face many skin issues such as allergy, dryness because of the weather. Castor oil can soothe those skin issues with its undecylenic acid. This organic compound can also be used for treating skin irritations caused by fungus. Flea infestation is another issue in dogs. Castor oil is one of the best oils for preventing flea infestation in dogs. It can kill the fleas by drowning them. Castor oil is also recommended for treating cataracts. Castor oil is a popular treatment for hair loss of dogs. It promotes hair regrowth because it contains antioxidants that support scalp stimulation.

How to use Castor oil on dogs
You can apply Castor oil directly on the affected area. Massage it on your dog’s coat. You can apply it using by your hands or can use cotton balls. Dunk them in hot water first then put few drops of the oil on the cotton balls. Dog licks the substance after because normally they do lick the wound or itchy area. You should use a soft e-collar or something else to prevent him from licking the castor oil. It can also be used as an ingredient to make DIY dog shampoo or you can mix few drops of castor oil in your pet’s shampoo. For the treatment of canine cataracts, you can simply put a single drop of castor oil on the affected every day before bedtime for few days or until the cataracts have been dissolved.
Castor oil is an effective remedy for dogs to treat their skin problems and cataracts While it is proven effective, it may come with certain risks so use it extra care. Keep it out of your dog’s reach because it can be poisonous when ingested

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