In modern times like now, dehumidifiers have been able to solve a lot of problems caused due to high humidity levels. Some of them have been listed below.

Damp walls are one issue that has been haunting us since ages. Dampness in walls not only damages the beauty of a given space but also hampers the strength of the structure and is also harmful to human health as it invites a lot of harmful bacteria and eventually leads to mold formation. The dehumidifier is one equipment that can solve the issue. It extracts the moisture out of damp walls and can make the space dry and comfortable. This way it also prevents damage caused to the structure due to dampness and eventually removes the musty odor caused by it. By removing excess moisture from the environment it also protects your expensive wooden furniture. People with respiratory issues can face grave problem in humid conditions as humid air is heavy to breathe. Dehumidifiers can solve the problem as it removes excess moisture from the air thus making it lighter to breathe.

Coming to the commercial use of it, dehumidifiers have vast usage on the commercial front.

Healthcare Industry - In healthcare industry dehumidifiers is used in hospitals or diagnostic centers to protect expensive equipment like the CT Scan Machine or the MRI Machine from rust formation. It is also used in Operation Rooms to keep the room dry and clean. Lasik lenses in eye hospitals are supposed to be kept in a controlled environment with stringent humidity levels. Dehumidifiers play an important role in doing the needful. It is also used by pharmaceutical companies to control humidity and avoid microbial growth on medicines.

Hospitality Industry: It is quite often used by hotels and resorts to keep their rooms dry and fresh for better stay experience for guests. At times it is also used in the pool area to keep the surrounding area dry.

Food Processing - Food processing units like flour and spices factories, milk powder manufacturers, pasta manufacturers and many other install dehumidifiers to avoid microbial growth in their products. Also, it is required in their packaging units to make sure that there is no moisture in their product after packaging. At times it is also installed in warehouses where raw material as
Leather Industry - Leather is a highly hygroscopic material and easily attracts moisture which leads to the growth of fungus or other microbial growth. Installing dehumidifiers solves the issue.

There are many such areas where a dehumidifier is to use.
When it comes to classifying the types of dehumidifiers, it can be done into two categories.

1. Refrigerant type Dehumidifiers
2. Desiccant type Dehumidifiers

Refrigerant type Dehumidifier: These are basically dehumidifiers with compressors inside to facilitate the dehumidification process

Desiccant type Dehumidifiers: These are usually dehumidifiers with silica inside it to facilitate dehumidification process.


The dehumidifier is now becoming more and more essential. Whether it be domestic or commercial use, dehumidifiers are being recommended in every sphere. Wherever it is required to bring down the humidity level, dehumidifiers will be required. In next few years, it will be as essential as an air conditioner is nowadays.

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