States where there are specific laws for regulating the use of electric bicycles usually have enacted such laws commensurate with the federal legislations. Since states cannot override the provisions laid down in the federal legislations, they often make additions to the existing federal laws making them more stringent. Question is how to use electric bicycles in the states where there are no specific laws for such uses?

Common Things to Adhere

However, federal law is very much there and even if there is no state law specific to the use of electric bicycles or scooters and mopeds, first task of the user would be to adhere to the common federal regulations. Some such regulations are –

To be called electric bicycles, the vehicle should not have more than 750 wattage of power use;
Its speed cannot be above 20 miles per hour in the motorized states; and
Riders of the bicycles will also use the bicycle helmets for safety.
Insurance Requirements

Insurance is mandatory under the federal as well as most state laws for motorized vehicles. However, no such rule exists that is common in respect of electric bicycles. Most of the times, the bicycle is covered under the home insurance or family insurance policies and even the bicycles used by the tenant in a rented house may have been covered under the landlord’s insurance plan. To know the coverage available it would be good approaching different companies, or their agents to learn in detail and the best way of doing it would be logging on to the internet and visit some informative and educative site offering all the required information on such plans and coverage.

Zero Emission Vehicles

These are the days of ecological balance and environment protection. In such cases most vehicles come under the pollution control act and authorities. While in many states electric bicycles have been declared as zero emission vehicles, it would be better to have a look at the regulations issued by the state and federal environment management authorities and also contacting the environment management groups.

In some states like California, motorized bicycles or mopeds are exempt from registration while in others; separate moped licenses are available for the bikers in the age group of 16 and above.

Having a look at all legal aspect would be good for any buyer of electric bicycles or mopeds.

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