If you are a writer or have taken up press release writing either for business promotion or any such purpose, one term will often come across your path; “inverted pyramid”. Anyone aspiring to make it good with writing of press releases should understand the format perfectly since it is the formatting pattern that makes the press release writing effective.

It is Not Only the Best Formatting Method But the Goal of Every Press Release Writer

Anyone who is involved in press release writing will have the goal of using inverted pyramid as the formatting method.

Every reporter or writer will like to achieve the perfect inverted pyramid in his or her press release;
Press release could be a potent tool for free publicity and therefore making it with best formatting is essential; and
Before getting involved in press release one has to understand perfectly what inverted pyramid means and how it works.

Structure of Inverted Pyramid in Effective Press Release Writing

How the inverted pyramid in press release writing works? The method is simple.

You start with enticing and important information that you wish to deliver in your first paragraph making the writing process top heavy;
Thereafter you will continue to give other information in the structure in descending order constructing the inverted pyramid with the bottom becoming lighter in comparison; and
Reach the end that would be pin-pointed to a specific lead inspiring the reader to visit your website or enterprise or contact you for further information.

Example of Using Inverted Pyramid Structure in Press Release Writing

An example will explain the process of inverted pyramid structure clearly for you. If you are launching some new product then start upfront and also indicate how it solves the problem of the target reader.

“Use of the new carburetor in your automobile will increase its fuel efficiency by 25%.”

This is the most vital information and ace in the sleeves relating to your contents and that is why they should find place in the beginning of the press release writing process and not the end. It is unfortunate that many writers overlook this vital fact.

Mistakes Others Make with Fatal Consequences That You Should Avoid

One major mistake in the process of press release writing that many writers commits and you should avoid, is making the pyramid bottom heavy and like a pyramid and not the reverse pyramid. In result the personal information about the entrepreneur takes precedence over the product or services offered which does not interest the end readers.

It is your products and services you wish to promote not your name or identity. Bottom line of it is that never ever burry your best stuff at the end but put it to light in the beginning.

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