Guard your smile safe and healthy while you play. Regular sports players and athletes are 60 times more likely to suffer from broken and damaged teeth. This is because accidental impacts even in non-impact sports such as football and athletics can cause serious and often permanent injury to people’s mouths. The good news, however, is that it is possible to keep teeth better protected on the sports field.

A sports mouth guard is used by children and adults to protect the teeth, gums and supporting tissue, of the mouth from injury and damage while practicing or playing sports. In certain sports, like football and hockey you expect to wear a mouth guard, however, for non-contact and recreational sports like skateboarding, martial arts or biking, a sports mouth guard should also be worn.

According to a study approximately 200,000 sports injuries are prevented yearly by the wearing of a mouth guard. Not wearing a mouth guard can result in a cracked or broken tooth, or a tooth becoming knocked out. With a strong upward impact, a tooth could become forced upwards into the gum or could pierce the lip or chin.

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Various types of mouth guards are as follows:
1) Custom Mouth Guards
These customized devices are obtained from your dental professional and provide the most protection and the best fit. They are fabricated from a precise impression of your mouth and made in a professional lab to ensure quality. Most athletes prefer these personalized guards, but they can be more expensive than the other options.

2) Boil and Bite Mouth Guards
You can purchase these guards pre-fabricated and they can be modified by heating in water, then biting into the warm plastic to create a customized fit. They can be purchased at many sporting goods stores and may offer a superior fit than a stock mouth guard.

3) Stock Mouth Guards
These are less expensive and come ready to wear. Unfortunately, they often don’t fit well, causing issues with breathing and talking. However, they are better than going without any protection at all.

If you or your child is active and involved in sports or other leisure activities that lead to an increased risk of falling or being hit, talk to your oral care professional about getting a customized mouth guard. Then be sure to wear it; even the best equipment is useless if you leave it in its storage container.

Since you will be using the mouthguard in the area which is a common home for bacterias, here are a few points to remember for cleaning it:

1) The mouth guard is very important, so one needs to make sure that it is cleaned on a regular basis.
2) It would be a great advantage if one cleans them on a daily basis or at least once after two days. For ease of cleaning a guard cleaner can be bought or opt also home cleaners can also be used as they will more or less function the same way.
3) Never be too quick in cleaning the mouth guard. Well, most people want to do things fast for reasons well known to them. But for something that involves an important part of your health, doing it right is always the best step to take.

Finally, talk to your dentist if your mouth guard starts to feel misaligned or uncomfortable. When it is made correctly and used every time you or your child are in risky situations, a mouth guard can be one of the best investments in preventative dental care that you will ever make.
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