Life will control you if you let it. You cannot let this happen if you want to shape life to your liking. You need to control life and dictate the terms on which you are prepared to live. It's a bit like having a staring contest with life and the first to blink is the loser. It's not quite that dramatic for most of us, but for some it is. You will do this best by using power of mind strategies to keep you strong in your resolve.

Do Not Be A Victim

Do not let life push you around by allowing yourself to be its victim. If you are to dictate terms, you are not the victim. If you are to live life on your terms, you cannot let circumstances or other people decide outcomes. You are in charge. You are responsible for your actions and their outcomes. Once you understand and accept this, it becomes easier to control life.

You hear people say things like, "This always happens to me" or "Just my luck", when something bad happens to them. This is the attitude of the victim or the loser. It has no place in your life if you are going to run life the way you want it. Focusing on negativity and expecting bad outcomes will be self-fulfilling – the Law of Attraction.

If the same bad thing keeps happening to people it is because they have not taken control of that situation and changed it. If they cannot change it then they have to come to grips with it and change their attitude and the way they handle it. The other alternative is to allow this bad thing to keep happening and to be the victim again.

Control You Attitude

You will not be able to control everything that happens and everything other people do, but you can control the way you react. It's not about what happened to you or what others did to you, it is about your attitude. You have to develop a frame of mind that will not accept excuses for failure based on what someone else did or neglected to do. This means you are letting others run your life.

You will be able to influence how people react to you by controlling how you act towards them. If someone acts negatively towards you, you can change their attitude by trying to understand why they reacted the way they did. If they were reacting to what you said or did, and you did not want that reaction, then you can change your attitude to get the reaction you do want.

If you want them to work with you or to like you, you have to treat them with respect and courtesy. Your attitude and demeanor has to say to them that you are willing to listen to them, to consider what they have to say and to be helpful towards them. They will respond in a positive way.

Does taking control of life mean nothing bad will happen - there will be no failures, no disappointments? No, it means taking control of the way you think. It means using power of mind to control your attitude so you will learn from failures and mistakes. You will get past the disappointments and keep your mind positive and upbeat. You will focus on your ultimate goals until you achieve them.

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