Visualization is a very hot topic these days.

Part of the reason that visualization is so popular is because there is a lot of anecdotal evidence that by use of visualization, we can improve in confidence and performance.

For example, visualization is often used to help elite athletes improve their performance. Although athletics involves a lot of physical training, in many cases, the barriers to improved performance are actually mental, and not physical.

An athlete may have a fixed idea in his mind of what his physical limitations are. He may believe very strongly that he can only run so fast, or jump so high. Because he has these limiting beliefs in his mind, he will not allow himself to perform better than what he already believes.

In a case like this, practicing visualization can be helpful in getting the athlete to realize he can overcome his limitations, because they are not real. They are only imaginary.

If an athlete has imagined he can only jump a certain height, he can also imagine himself jumping higher in the future.

In many cases, by removing a limiting visualization and replacing it with a more ambitious image instead, a person can be inspired to make a greater effort and achieve their goal.

Some coaches have actually done experiments using the technique of visualization and discovered that intensely visualizing successful athletic actions worked just as effectively as practicing these moves in real life!

When I previously had a job that required me to do five to ten public speaking engagements every day over a period of many years, I discovered that I was able to mentally rehearse a new presentation using an imaginary audience. I could tell which line would be well received and which lines wouldn’t work.

When I tested these imaginary presentations in real life, my real audience would react the same way that my imaginary audience did.

The famous success guru Napolean Hill encouraged readers to use a similar visualization technique. Napolean Hill had discovered through the experience of interviewing many of the most successful business leaders of his day, that many of them had used a secret method of visualization that helped them enormously in their business.

These men often put together a council of wise advisers and they consulted with them about important decisions every night. You may say to yourself, well there’s nothing very unique about that!

However, these business advisers were actually imaginary! These men discovered that by having a meeting with their imaginary advisers, and by asking questions and listening to the answers given, they could get extraordinarily accurate and helpful advice to help them in their business decisions!

You might wish to try this technique yourself! Be sure to choose advisers you really admire.

Many people who claim they cannot visualize actually do visualize every day. However, they do not notice their visualizations, and they have no control over the process.
I encourage everyone to become more familiar with the technique of visualization.

The reason is that you are probably using visualization already, but if you don’t realize how this technique works, you may be allowing your brain to form negative images of yourself that will drain your self confidence.

You need to take control of your visualization and make sure the only visions in your mind are the positive ones you really want to see come true!

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