Symptoms include irritable seizures, burning, pain, and irritation. Often there is a whitish discharge and a dirty flavor.

People often mistake a YI for vaginal inflammation ... when it should be almost another way.

To ensure that you have any type of infection and it really needs a proper diagnosis by a medical professional to ensure a yeast infection. They will probably monitor swimming under the microscope, or create a lab culture for a few days and analyze the results.

Although you are using a tea tree oil treatment, the need for diagnosis is not necessarily present, because an extensive spectrum of tea tree oil is antiseptic and antifungal

Now what? Wait and take the pain?

There are several on counter remedies for yeast infection, but some yeast bacteria becoming less resistant and becoming less effective.

The most common antifungal drugs used for candidal infections: Clotrimijol, Tupial nystatin, Fluconazole and Topic Ketoconazole. A few of the counter medicines include vagina tablets or some drug douches.

There are some side effects to use this drug. I was able to source some information from health AtoZ.

Here are just two examples.


Although rare, this drug has been reported to have severe allergic reactions. If any of these symptoms are improved after taking Fluconazole (a Diflucan), call a physician:

• Stove, irritation, or formula
• Breathe or consumer problems
• Suddenly drop blood pressure
• Thin closet
• Stomach pain


Ketoconazole created anaphylaxis (a lethal allergic reaction) among some people after their first dose. This is a rare response.

Now I do not know about you ... but it certainly makes me uncomfortable. Be the best option. More natural options

I've scoured the net and some books for treatments including teak oil ... well, I found a couple of options.

Yeast infection treatment

Take regular Tampons on an applicant Tampons and apply KY type jelly or olive oil (Avoid this tip oil absorbing tip), then pressing and dropping several drops of pressing oil. Leave for about an hour.

Mix 1 teaspoon tea tree oil and rinse alcohol and mix it together. Add a clean dropper bottle mixture (the mixture should be white), then add ten drops of the mixture and make a sink by adding two cups of pre-cupped water to the cup. Use Dive once for almost a week.

Note: Treatment should continue at least once a day after all signs have passed.

Tea tree oil is a recognized anti-fungus treatment and should be cleaned up with your strong yeast infection. However, if the symptoms are rising after treatment or treatment you should see the doctor.
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