There are different useful WooCommerce tactics and strategies that help to increase the sales of E-Commerce stores. Read this article for more information and hire from the WooCommerce development company.  

With every passing day, the eCommerce industry is continuing to grow at a rapid pace. While the merchants and retailers are able to experience the benefits of selling goods and products online, they are willing to rely on strong web-based platforms that will enhance their performance and also boost the business. WooCommerce is one of the most popular and frequently used frameworks. It is an open-source e-commerce plugin which is designed for all kinds and sizes of businesses. It is customisable which also makes it highly multi-functional. 

WooCommerce developers build user-friendly online stores using this plugin. It is easy to install, providing simplicity and flexibility so that more number of users prefer to use it on a daily basis. Globally, WooCommerce has almost one million active installations. This is because not only can one utilise this to grow sales, rather they can also use from the many sets of additional plugins that are available for expansion. Hence, one cannot simply deny its popularity.  

There are several ways one can benefit from using the WooCommerce platform.  After optimising this continuously, the merchant is most likely to benefit from improvised sales rate and therefore, a greater rate of income. From choosing the right theme, integrating the plugins and optimising the pages and features, one can simply amplify their store sales as well as popularity. There are many effective tools and techniques that one can take advantage of so as to bring about a positive impact on the business. 

One’s principal goal should be to scale the e-commerce business, by progressing to new levels everyday and also challenging the rising competition in the market. This is definitely possible when one learns the right strategies of using WooCommerce for online stores and markets.  


Picking the right theme

The framework of WooCommerce is effortless so that the developers can swiftly transform the regular WordPress site to the concerned online store. However, it also has much more to offer, such as the design and layout which, in many respects, highlights the store to the online customers. Once all the potential buyers land on the page of the website, they are more likely to get impressed by the UI/UX. Nice website design always has a huge impact on the buying decision of the customers. Hence choosing the right theme is crucial as it provides the buyers with a good shopping experience.  


Under this, one should look for the following

  • Aesthetics - Besides looking good, one should prepare their website in such a manner that it becomes relevant to the niche and hits the target audience.  
  • Updates- One should go for frequent updates to avoid errors in themes. One can also check the theme changelog besides checking its compatibility.  
  • Custom functionality -  One should always be careful while choosing the theme. One can customise their site by switching in between different themes.  
  • A useful, interactive shopping cart - With the right WooCommerce theme, one can utilise the right shopping cart which is integrated with a checkout procedure as well as a robust shopping card where one can optimise the code. This will enable the buyers to avoid any cart abandonment problem which largely hampers the store reputation. 


Compatibility with all kinds of devices

While online mobile phone shopping is on the rise, it is necessary that the website/online store is compatible to use on smartphone devices. The developers should build a responsive design which is scaled up automatically, rightly fitting the screen size along with a delivery of standard performance. Google should also consider/declare the site mobile-friendly since it is an important ranking factor.  


Fast Loading Time

While a highly responsive and fast loading time is crucial for the reputation of the online store, any ideal website should not take more than three seconds to load. If the bounce rate grows, all the other factors will be irrelevant. The conversion rate will also fall down. However, the platform of WooCommerce enables fast loading of the websites so that more and more customers are drawn to it. 

One can achieve it through -

  • Image optimisation 
  • Using a supportive cache plugin 
  • Using a content delivery network which is an assemblage of different web hosting servers worldwide 
  • Searching a better hosting service provider which will power and improve the speed of the website
Author's Bio: 

Jonathan Paul is a dedicated WooCommerce developer working with a reputed company in Australia called PHPProgrammers. Here the author has explained the different strategies and tactics associated with the framework of WooCommerce that enable to scale up e-commerce businesses.